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15 June 2011

Hong Kong: Times Square, Causway Bay, Anna Sui Boutique and Shopping!

Shopping Trip in Hong Kong!!

Yay! After our dinner from Jumbo Kingdom,

We decided to go to Times Square!

It's located not too far from Jumbo!

It takes about 5-10mins to arrive!

If I am not wrong, the taxi fare costs us about SGD 10+

There are loads of branded store in it.
You name it! they have it!

Actually I purposely went to Times Square because I knew that..

There is an ANNA SUI Store in Times Square , Causeway Bay, Hong Kong!

This is not the biggest outlet! But its okay!

At least I visited one of the ANNA SUI boutiques!

I was very excited!

and I went completely Bankrupt after coming out from the shop.

I told you I was bankrupt! Haha see!

I had even become an ANNA SUI MEMBER wor!

So, you can imagine how much I spent on stuffs! =P

Not gonna reveal the picture of the items I got yet..

But definitely limited and awesome items! ^^V

After that, we didn't continue to explore the mall.

Because, again, I was bankrupt! Hahaha..

Luckily I visited the shop on the third night of my trip lol

What will happen if I visited the shop on my first day?

Hahaha..I guess, If it happens,

It's very likely that I can only afford to eat dim sum everyday lol

So we walked out from the mall and explore its surrounding.

Hermes wor! Anyway, didn't buy much things..

Just some eyelashes, eyelashes glue and...

Masks !! They are mad cheap and

also a Hello Kitty eye brow shaver.. too cute to resist!

Next post: Disney Land Hong Kong !

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