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09 June 2011

Hong Kong : The Peak, Peak Tram and Sky Terrace, Hong Kong Island

Hola! I am going to blog about our DAY 3 in Hong Kong.

We decided to explore some of the main attractions.

Before I start, this is my dress of that day!

It was sponsored by Paper Polly

I love the simple design.

This is my first time trying this type of dress =D

and this is also my first nude coloured dress!

As you can see, I looks like wearing a tube dress.

But no!

The top of it is actually covered with a transparent nude material clothes.

Which means, it's safer than a tube dress! =D

I decided to pair it with this Flora Symphony necklace.

It was sponsored by My Precious Chest

It instantly brighten up my look!

I feels like a princess with the dress and necklace. =D

The necklace is so cute that it can be paired with anything!

I have a lot of plain coloured shirts and dresses

the necklace would definitely brighten up my plain attire.

Hahaha shorter and fatter than your usual princess lol

So move on, we cabbed to The Peak!

That's located a bit far from Mong Kok.

We need to cross through the tunnel to get there!

HongKong is divided into 4 areas:

1. Lantau Island / Airport

2. Hong Kong Island / Central

3. Kowloon (Where I stayed - Mong Kok)

4. New Territories

Different taxi for different location too.

(refer to my 1st day in Hong Kong post)

Hahaha yes I like to post ugly picture of him =P

On our way there!

The journey from MongKok to Hong Kong Island- The peak

took about 20mins? Taxi fare was about SGD $30+

A view of Hong Kong Island

Yay! We've arrived at The Peak !

Ticketing booth!

Special lane for combo purchase!

We bought - 3-in-1 Combo Package

(Madame Tussauds Admission + Peak Tram + Sky Terrace)

HKD 210 = SGD 35/pax

Are you ready? Are you ready?

Here's the tram!

Daily Express

It took about 5mins to reach the top!

We've reached at The Peak!

A random house/restaurant nearby!

Good location for wedding shoot!

Before we begin our journey, we went to The Peak gallery

to find FOOD! we were starving!

It's actually a small mall with a mini gallery in it.

We settled down in this Spaghetti 360!

Al fresco sitting! Unfortunately it was raining duh!


My lion head and I

Our drinks!

Ice lemon tea and my grape coola-float! aw..

We ordered five-star platter

360 signature pizza!

A Truffle Mushroom Spaghetti !

Total of the meal was HKD 320 about SGD 53

Then, we visited The Sky terrace!

Here's a video I found on youtube!
This is the view that we should get.

Unfortunately it was raining!
We couldn't get the fabulous view of Hong Kong!

Here's what we got:

gloomy sigh!

Weather was windy! Quite romantic though =P

The air was extremely fresh!

That's it for The Peak and The Sky Terrace Post!

Next post : Madame Tussauds !

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