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13 June 2011

Hong Kong : Jumbo Kingdom - Floating Restaurant

The Jumbo Kingdom is an important member of
Melco's Leisure & Entertainment unit.
Centred on the Jumbo and Tai Pak Floating Restaurants
in Aberdeen Harbour,
it is an internationally renowned tourist attraction.
As a Hong Kong icon and a premier tourism and fine-dining establishment,
Jumbo has regularly been upgraded over the past 30 years.
Jumbo recently had a multi-million dollar refurbishment
which not only gave the Jumbo a new look,
but also transformed it into a theme park on the sea.
Jumbo Kingdom is now a modern complex of dining,
sightseeing and cultural attractions -
a required stop in any tour of Hong Kong.

Source : Jumbo Kingdom's website

After spending a day
going up to the peak, visiting the sky terrace and
madame tussauds,

We decided to have an early dinner at Jumbo Kingdom!
It's located at the Aberdeen!
Here's a approx. taxi fare from The Peak!

We spent about HKD 65 or SGD 10 from The Peak to Aberdeen!
Jumbo Kingdom! A seafood floating-restaurant
It took us about 15mins to arrive.

Jumbo Kingdom is in his list of must-go-attraction!
He loves seafood!

He was excited and I was hungry =P

We almost arrive at our destination!

We need to take a short boat ride to the Jumbo Floating Restaurant.
Can you spot it?

The journey took about 3mins only =)

Reaching yay!

A picture before going in =P

It was huge!
way bigger than what you see from the picture below.

Let's see what did we ordered!

Nice table setting with fresh flower wohoo!

Two spring drinks that we ordered.

Lanande town, Blue Sky and appetizer!

Gold-ish table setting

Baked fresh Sea Crab with Ginger and Scallion

Steamed Bean Curd with Chinese Ham and Crab's Cream

Sauteed Fresh Crab with Garlic and Chili
*Best crab I've ever had*

Fried Fresh Sea Mantis with Chili and Salt
*extremely yummy*

Do not Disturb! I am HUNGRY!

A picture before eating =P

It costs us a whopping HKD 1959! about SGD 350
*faint* Hahaha Once in a life time! worth it!

Say bye bye Jumbo!

See you again, when I become rich! muahaha..

Next: Hong Kong Shopping Trip! Wohoo! Finally!

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