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08 June 2011

Hong Kong : Imperial Big Meal - Instant Noodle and Instant Beef!

So, on my last trip to Hong Kong,

I had a bowl of noodle on board the first ferry-deluxe class. Remember?

I went to 7-11 to look for it! and tada! I bought some of it home!

It's called the Imperial big meal.

These are what's included. Some seasoning and...

Instant beef meat and gravy! I knew it!

This is so unhealthy!

But, when I am hungry I don't care! Hahaha..

Just like any other instant noodle.
Add water, wait and serve hot!


  1. wow it's instant feast man! ;-)

  2. hi... is this bought in Hong Kong??? I am in Singapore I hope we have it here.. been looking for it ever since I had my 1st taste of this instant noodles

  3. My girlfriend loved it so much when she was in Hong Kong, but for her birthday I was trying to find her some here in Canada. Do you happen to know if there is anywhere you can buy them online?

  4. Hey, my girlfriend had these when she was in Hong Kong and she loved them! I was wondering if you knew if you could buy them in Canada or online anywhere? They seem to last forever as her family brings them home with them. I was hoping to try and find her some for her Birthday as she doesn't believe we can get them here.

    Thank you so much!


Thanks for your lovely comment!