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07 June 2011

Hong Kong : The Fun Ice World - The Venetian, Macau

Moving on...
We're still in The Venetian! Wahaha...
We decided to just visit The Ice World.
Ticket was HKD 100/person it's about SGD 15/person

What's ice world?

Macau’s biggest ice wonderland!
Experience a magical journey through different worlds
and famous landmarks carved entirely of ice by talented Harbin artisans.
Marvel at the magnificent carvings and
relax in the cool Ice Bar while your kids ride the Slide Castle.
Get chilled at Ice World today!

Source :

It was fun and Dying-ly cool!

My leg was numb. Muahaha it was extremely cool!

For only 15 bucks, this place is definitely worth a visit.
There is a lot beautiful ice-carved building or landmark.
This is a carousel btw!

Everything was nice and cool!

Of course it is cool! because it's made from ice.. Hahaha..

Wonders of the World!


Sun Wu Kong

My friend, Zhu Ba Jie, The pigsy! ckck..

I forgot what that is lol

He's somewhere in China =D

Move on, we've reached in Paris!

Then Antarctica!

Candid from the back lol Noticed my leg?

The colour of it was - corpse white lol

ptbf looking cool! =p

Looking dumb! lol

The castle!

He tried on the slides ! Watch the video here:

I was sitting on the ice chair - the Bar!

The glasses were made from ice too!

Here's the official Video enjoy!

Free gift courtesy of The Fun Ice World !

As usual, a picture!

Ticket price was HKD 100 and

the price of the photo was also HKD 100 lol

The exhibition is open till 18 September 2011


  1. ur boyfriend looks cool in all of his pictures o.o


Thanks for your lovely comment!