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01 June 2011

Hong Kong : Flower Market, Grand Century Place, Hello Kitty, Delicious Cafe, Ki La Ra, Sasa, Hello Kitty, Dolly Wink, GH Mong Kok Cinema, Gantz:!

Yay! So we went to walk around the hotel on day one!

Let's explore!

We walked along the Prince Edward Street and randomly found

The Flower Market!

Basically nothing much there.

Just flower flower and flower.

I was so tempted to buy that I even asked him

"Do you want to buy some flower for me?"


and he replied NO =_="

See that! 5 years ago vs now totally different!

If I asked this question to him 5 years ago,

oh well, I don't even think I need to ask..

He will automatically surprise me with some flower but Now !?.......

Well, well, He.....Hm...Let's continue..

Haizz =P

Flowers are nice to see but unfortunately troublesome to bring home.

After walking for about 15mins, we found this "Delicious Cafe"

and decided to settle down for lunch.

Table 33 ! My favorite number =D

It was pretty crowded.

Initially we were asked to sit with other guest.

Coincidentally the guests from table 33 have done eating

and we got a table for ourself.

He had chicken rice and I had pork!

Two milk tea for us =D

total was about HKD 120+ = SGD 20+

Move on..

Let's end the flower market here!

It was really quite boring lol

I want cosmetic! I want clothes! I want to shop!

Just when I started to feel energetic, he said he's sleepy.

Oh man!

Don't he looks cool with his

NEW Zara jacket

NEW Super dry shirt

NEW Levis Jeans

Everything mentioned above = The price of the trip


I don't get him! We're here in Hong Kong to hunt for cheap stuff!

And he spent big amount on new clothes on night before we travel.

Besides, backpacker should only wear shirt, short and slipper isnt?

Anyway! Thanks for being Sleepy!

Then, I can sneak out while you sleep and

go for shopping myself wohoo!!

The reason that I wanted to stay in this hotel was because of the location!

There's fa yuan street that sells cheap clothes, ladies market

(that I didn't get to visit) and many more!

Most importantly, our hotel is connected to Grand Century Place

(a big shopping mall) and MTR!

Neoprint Anyone?

Ki La Ra!

The brand "KI*LA*RA" means shinning in Japanese,

symbolize the sparking stars in the sky that match with the brand concept.

The brand collection aims to mix the charming and graceful character

of Hello Kitty into the clothes and accessories while reflect the latest fashion

trends for Hello Kitty Lovers.

It brings out a sense of happiness and warm feeling when

customers select clothes for their wardrobe.

Source: Sogo.Com.Hk

And my favorite SASA!

Here's what I shop on the first day! Hahaha..

For dinner, I suggested local food!

You know..those small stalls along the street and etc.

He disagreed and insisted to have buffet in the hotel which was expensive!

If I am not wrong it cost about almost SGD 100 / person.

So I convinced him, I said maybe we can try to go to the mall?

And guess what?

Fortunately or unfortunately we found an Indonesian Restaurant!

=_=" And..we had our first dinner there...

Whadd! So boring right! We should try HongKong local food man..

*started to regret and asked myself why travel with him?* Hahaha..

Okay. Let's accept the fact! Luckily the food taste great!

Satay! Chicken Beef Pork!


My bali something2 drink *I forgot*

Chicken Curry stewed in coconut!

We ordered kangkong too!

We noticed that the portion of the food was ridiculously BIG!

Not only for this restaurant but for all of the restaurant that we went to!

The Fat Guy =P

The total was about HKD 430+ = SGD 75+

Based on the amount of food we ordered. I think it's reasonable.

On our way back to Hotel, I spotted Hello Kitty!

I love the wallpaper awww!

Random decision!

We went to catch Gantz: Perfect asnwer at GH Mongkok Cinema

2mins away from hotel

(It's located within the mall that is connected with our hotel)

Ticket was HKD 55 = SGD 9

GH cinema snacks menu!

We got back to hotel at about 12pm and sleep!

It was a fun day!

Fyi, we didn't sleep the night before.

Remember our flight was in the morning? Hohohoho..

Stay tune! We went to Macau on day two! =D

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