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02 June 2011

Hong Kong : China Ferry Terminal, First Ferry, Macau! - The mini Las Vegas!

Yay! We will be talking about my day two trip in HongKong!

Well, not really Hong Kong for today.

Because, we traveled to Macau on day two!

Attire of the day!

Dress from Hypnosis

Belt from Bugis

Highlight: Gold Button Jacket sponsored by LoveFiieFiie

It is very very comfortable as it's made from good quality material.

The item is actually imported from Japan! *no wonder*

I wore it through out my trip.

Easily matches with my outfit and definitely affordable in price.

Click HERE to buy the jacket on their website.

It's on sale now! hurry up!

Here's the picture of it in detail.

Picture of me taken with flash and

hair colour that you see here is ashie brown blonde hair.

Without flash. Red-ish Brown.

My first double ring! I got it from Bugis! $8 !

Good Morning Hong Kong!

We cabbed from our Hotel to the Ferry Terminal!

The fare was less than 20 bucks.

Here's a guide on the taxi's fare.

Every baggage, animals, wheelchair and etc has extra charges.

Here we are at the China Ferry Terminal!

Basically the terminal also catered to those who go to China too!

Pay attention on the signage!

Look for the one that goes to MACAU!

Here's the ferry fares to Macau..

And yup! That backpacker person bought Deluxe class ticket!

Yes that backpacker person!

Interesting fact:

It's recommended to buy your Macau to Kowloon (inbound ticket)

at 10.30pm! Last ferry. Why?

If let say, you would like to leave at 7pm or 8pm, it is possible!

As long as the ferry is not full!

You can leave earlier but not later than the timing that you choosed.

We bought our inbound ticket at 10.30pm and we left Macau at 9pm.

The ferry wasn't crowded at that time.

Here's our ticket!

Two way ticket costs us about HKD 383 = SGD 65 per person

Here's the backpacker person =P

Departure hall! Pretty much like from Singapore to Batam.

The Journey tooks about an hour!

Btw, yeah we were the only guests on second floor aka deluxe class.

The Sea-wardess (??) approached us and offered us a food menu.

(Food is included in the fare - only for deluxe class guests)

Just in time! We have not had our breakfast lol

He had sandwich.

I had my beef noodle!

And now, we have arrived in Macau!

Excited! Upon walking out the ferry terminal,

a lot of people were distributing hotels and casinos brochures.

Complimentary shuttle to most of the hotels are available.

What you need to do was just to choose, get in the coach and go!

A lil bit of Macau!

We choosed to go to Hotel Lisboa!

It was pretty grand!

However, the casino was not as big as expected =P

Picture taken before entering the casino.

Then we walked to other places...

Random corner where we met a group of policeman.

We were shocked as they stopped us.

We couldn't understand what they were talking about lol.

Basically, they asked for our passport and recorded our detail.

Then we leave without knowing what was their purpose.

According to our backpacker man,

they were just doing random check on illegal China immigrant.

Okay, sounds logical, whatever!

Nice building! - L'arc Macau

The architecture was stunning!

It was all gold-ish and it shines!

About L'Ach Macau

Discover the magnificence that is L’Arc Macau.

From its elegant European touches, to the hints of classic Chinese inspiration,

L’Arc Macau brings together East and West

in a blend that is a unique and stylish tribute

to the modernity and history of Macau - the leisure capital of the East.


the first Macau Resort that win the prestigious

Forbes Five Star Hospitality award.

Move on, we reached at MGM Macau

MGM MACAU is a 5-star hotel resort located

on a prime waterfront site in Macau.

With 593 deluxe guest rooms,

the 35-story hotel tower rises 154 meters into the sky,

the glass exterior reflecting the hues of the South China Sea

and the swell of the ocean surf.

We explored The One Central Shopping Mall

located conveniently near to the MGM Macau

Basically Macau is a mini las vegas city!

Wherever you go, which ever hotel that you entered.

It's very likely that a Casino is in it too!

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