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01 June 2011

Hong Kong : Airport, Royal Plaza Hotel, Taxi and Prepaid Card !

Yoppie! We went to Hong Kong for holiday yay! FINALLY!

The last time I traveled with him for holiday was FIVE years ago!

and it was to Genting with Suli, Kevin, Steven, Rita, Sugi, Davis, Darman

ehrm..I forgot lol

It has been very HARD to plan to travel together. Our schedule always clash!

Anyway! So we randomly and happily bought our package from

It was pretty cheap! 5D4N in a five star hotel+flight $659 (Tax included)

It's available at cheaper rate 400-500+ but we prefer this particular hotel

(I will talk more about it. Keep reading!)

Before that, we did some research and found that Zuji offers the best deal.

So we key in the credit card no. and click enter! wohoo!

We booked hotel and flight only!

Yeah..He said, he wanted to be a free and easy! a backpacker!

Let's see...what did we encountered there!

We traveled by Jetstar! and departed at 06.30am ! - Terminal one!

You are rite! MORNING flight! lol

We only brought one small red luggage with us ckck..

Btw, I thought backpacker should only bring a backpack, sir?

Sleepy me with my ted baker cardigan ckck

The most expensive cardigan in my life remember?

and it turned grey because I washed it together with other clothes..haha!



Breakfast at Yakun Kaya before boarding!

Hola! This is my first time flying with Jetstar from Singapore!

OMG. It's really a budget airline! Hahaha.. Nothing is included!

Jetstar Food Menu

They offered Chicken Rice and Laksa wor! Not cheap though..

Do you want to have Coffee, Tea or Water?

Water please..

Okay The price is $3 Thank you!

Bye Stress Country!

I am flying!

4 hours journey in a budget airline was terrible!

Hi Lei Hou ! Welcome to HongKong !

Hong Kong Airport!

I was sooooooooooo wanted to try their MTR and Airport Express.

I also wanted to buy the octopus card

But you know, I was traveling with the-so-called the backpacker that insisted


I have no choice T-T !

Well..I never heard that backpacker actually travel by taxi huh!

Here's an estimation taxi fare chart (travel from Hong Kong Airport)

Their taxis were categorized by territory!

Our destination was Mong Kok so we went for RED colour !

Well, after I compared it,

the price of the airport express and taxi fare was only slight different!

So, okay I accepted my fate lol

We were given this card which consist of our taxi's no.

I was excited okay!

After I moved to Singapore, I seldom travel.

This is my second time to Hong Kong! My first trip there was with family!

And it was also 5 years ago!

Then afterward, I traveled alone to Malaysia for a business trip.

Followed by going on board Royal Caribbean - Legend of The Seas and

it was also for a business trip (both trip were sponsored by the company =D)

Then, traveled to Medan to attend his grandparents wedding anniversary.

Thats it!

Travel back to Indonesia aka hometown is not travel! Hahaha whatever!

In the Taxi!

Hong Kong has a lot of bridge that looks like this!

Barelang in Batam is not a big deal lol

Town area!

And we are HERE!

At Royal Plaza Hotel !

Royal Plaza Hotel is a luxury hotel situated in Mongkok in the heart of Kowloon.

Elegantly appointed and exceptionally spacious,

all guest rooms feature luxurious amenities and broadband internet access

(Btw internet access is not included and quite expensive).

In addition to the unrivalled recreational facilities,

the hotel also has three noteworthy restaurants.

Royal Plaza Hotel is surrounded by tourist attractions,

shopping centres and entertainment venues. (I agree)

Source : Quoted from their website

Address: 193 Prince Edward Road West, Kowloon, Hong Kong

It is near to Fa Yuan Street ( I will talk more about it in another post).

Btw, the estimation fare was quite accurate.

It costs us about HKD 230 = SGD 40

Simple lobby!

Nice lighting!

Upon check in, they need to secure the room with cash or credit card.

This is basic procedure of all the hotels even though you've paid the full amount.

HKD 2000 in my card was being hold till I check out.

Check in time was 2pm and we arrived at about 12pm!

So we leave our luggage at the concierge and go shopping! =D

Wanna have some lovely cakes?

Hey good news! I was so delighted!

Our room was upgraded to executive suite at no cost wohoo!

I guess, It's because I put my blog link on the comment. =D

Hahaha whatever the reason it was, thanks to Royal Plaza Hotel Mgt!

Upgraded! and we're now 18 floor ehemp!

Btw, he bought a prepaid card at HKD 250 = $40+ from a shop in the airport.

Quite expensive!

Spacious and Clean Room

Great City View!

Simple Bathroom with Bathtube.

Mini Bar! - House brand mineral water were provided at no cost.

Lastly, This is the boss!


I will blog about our first day Hong Kong Trip tonight =)


  1. Anonymous01 June, 2011

    wow thats the mafia boss ??? LOL ~

  2. Yes, you are rite! He thought he was one of the gang members! just like those Hong Kong triad gang movie, remember? He dress up to match the theme. Hahaha..


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