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18 June 2011

Happy Father Day!

Dear Papa Indra Tan,

Thanks for all the hard-earned-money that you used to pay our school fee,
our shopping, our meal and our everything.
Because of you, we, Ina Natalia, Chandra Fibryanto Tan, Mami and I,
can have such a good life.

Thanks for all the care, the protection and loves you've showered.
You have sacrificed your energy and your time just for us.
You are the best papa in the world.
Sometimes I envy mummy too.
Because She has the best husband that every woman is dreaming for.
You are the best and I am proud of you.

Thank you PAPA *muach!+ hugs!
Sorry that I couldn't celebrate this wonderful day with you.
I am working on things to make you proud.
I hope you can understand.
I love you PAPA!

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