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08 June 2011

Guerlain Rouge Automatique Launch Party - Tang Plaza Promenade 25 May 2011

I attended the Guerlain Rouge Automatique Launch Party Last Sunday!
25 May 2011
It was held at the Tang Plaza Promenade @ Orchard

I was so excited about the event!
Simply because, we (bloggers) were entitled to 20% off all of the products!
I have been planning to get some Guerlain make up after reading
a lot of awesome review from other bloggers.

Other than the product,
I've also fell in love with their packaging and design!
Just look at these unique and interesting make up products;

Terracotta Light - Sheer Bronzing Powder

Meteorites Voyage - Exceptional Pressed Powder

Terre Indigo - 4 shades eyeshadow
Anyway let's move to the latest product!
They were launching their new Rouge Automatique lipstick!

Here's a description of what's Guerlain Rouge Automatique about;

Automatically Fashionable As Coveted as an It-bag. As Precious as a gem. As Glamorous as stilettos. Automatically Innovative On first glance, you will love the elegance of this structural case. Then you will enjoy its new gesture: Click, clack, and away you go. You look at it. You guess that it is telling you something. Its story? Rouge Automatique’s story, a small Art Deco wonder born in 1936, which was the first lipstick without a cap and with a technique requiring a single hand: What a heritage! But its secret also comes from its innovative formula: 3 objectives, 3 promises upheld Objective 1: Second-skin texture An extremely fine film in total osmosis with the skin thanks to sensory oils + waxes. Objective 2: Boosted colours A tailor-made shine with made-to-measure sheerness thanks to the Cristal Pigment, which makes it possible to obtain luminous, clear and pure colours with no white effect. Objective 3: Remarkable long-lasting hold that combines immediate comfort and lasting radiance. An exceptional shine, stay-put colour, feather-proof lipstick thanks to a complex of oil + resin. Automatically Colourful Reds, oranges, pinks, beiges!! A bouquet of 25 shades, from the most sober to the most dazzling one. INGREDIENTS: The Crystal Pigment boosts the colours which become clear and pure with no white effect, for a tailor-made shine and a made-to-measure sheerness.


There are total of 25 shades!!
So you'll definitely get to find a colour that suits you the best!

Here's a chart:

Trey Wong, the celebrity stylist was there at the event as well.
I was so happy to meet him again.
He has been very humour, attentive and friendly.

In fact, he was there to transform this lucky lady
to a young and elegant chick! =D

Obvious brightening!
It can be seen from both of her make up and attire.
Thanks to her make up artist and her fashion stylist, Trey!

Trey provides us with some tips
and shares on info about current fashion trend too.
How I wish one day I would get the chance to be transformed by him!
I am very picky person and yes I have a boring fashion sense
(according to ptbf). =_=" whatever!
Btw, visit trey's site to know more about him

Next we have Maxime Poulin, Guerlain Makeup Artist from Paris
to show us live make up demonstration.

His Magic Box =D

He gave us a lot of tips on how to appropriately apply our lipstick
and we were given chances to ask question too!

Live demonstration on the model

It has been an insightful experience and
I did picked up some tips he shared.

Felicia, Xinyi and Vivian were there as well.

Here's my Guerlain Rouge Automatique !

I have shade "100 - Apres L'Ondee" with me.

It's in nude category!

I am totally amazed by the awesome design.

You don't need to afraid that you'll lose the lipstick cap anymore!

Because it's diligently designed!

What you need to do is just to push the button down!

And yeaps! The cover will automatically open up and hide...

There you go!

Here I am with my nude - Apres L'Ondee lips! =D

I knew it. You can really see the colour here.

I will do an appropriate review of the lipstick in the future.

The lipstick is retailing at sgd 50 !

You can check out their store in Tangs!

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