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30 June 2011

FASHION ITEM Deal of ABellaChic at

Hi whasaap readers!
Today's topic is all about SHOPPING!
I always love to buy things at cheaper price!
That's the reason why I have A LOT
of membership card in my wallet.

I love to enjoy privileges offered by many merchants out there.
But, the problem is,
there are also some useless member card that I bought or
I got by purchasing a lot of products from them.

Why useless? Reason:
1. The location of the shop is way too far from my place.
2. I only get to use it once/twice in a year or never.
3. Most of the VIP cards entitled you to purchase normal price
apparels at 10% off but guess what?
Merchant always have promotion for all of the guest whad!
E.g: GSS - Storewide 30% ! =_="
Then what's the point to have their membership card right?

Online shopping has become a trend in these recent year.
Of course, there's also some risks to buy things online.
1. Missing goods
2. Wrong colour
3. Terrible material
4. Extremely big/small size
5. Error in payment
and etc.

I only shop in reputable shop online. Reputable as in:
1.A lot of blogger review about it.
2. The online shop has ever appeared/recommended by magazine.
3. The blog shop has worked with reputable third party.
4. Most importantly positive testimonial from their customer

There are bunches of benefits to shop online!
1. I love *doorbell* because it means "Postman is coming!"
Wohoo! it feels good as I took it as a surprise! =P
2. I don't need to bargain face to face with the owner.
In other words, I can be more thick-skinned in my email (Haha)
3. I don't need to squeeze with other people,
4. I don't need to apply make up and go out for shopping,
5. I don't need to meet the bad and dangerous sun,
6. I don't need to walk! (Yes, I am that lazy) lol
7. It is fun!

Anyway, if you are like me,
who love to buy GOOD stuff at cheaper price,
Don't wait! subscribe to NOW!

They always update their deals EVERYDAY!
Check them out every night! at 1 am
If you are still awake and if you are as kiasu as me! Haha
I am very curious and excited!
I always want to be the first one to know about their deal.
(Only for
Because, they are the big player in the industry!
They have more than 125.000 fans on facebook!
Do follow them too! Click here for Facebook
Based on my observation, compared to other deal business,
they have the most number of fans on facebook in Singapore!!

They have FOOD deal, TRAVEL deal, PRODUCT deal and today..
I was very lucky as I managed to catch this deal at!
Only $15 for a $27 worth cash voucher!!

Unfortunately the deal has sold out! =D
See I told you! Do subscribe to!

Firstly, let me share about WHY is that a good deal?
1. I visited
2. I was amazed! Usually, when there's promotion,
the dresses left are usually outdated design or XS or XL size.
But NO! look at what they have when I visited them !

They are all very nice dresses.
I love them so much! =D

3. Third point. I expected that the price of the dresses
must be very high. You know what I mean?
Sometimes there's promotion but the price is ridiculously high!
E.g: $15 for $27 cash voucher but dresses are $50
so what? I still need to pay another $23!
that's not a deal!
Guess what? I was surprise !!!!

All of the dresses above cost not more than $30 !!!
Some of them are $26 only! The prices are really affordable!
which means,
you only spent about $15- $ 18 per dress!
(If you have awesome voucher like me) =P

4. The shop is well-organized and they keep updating their stock!
Do follow them on facebook for sneak preview
ABellaChic Facebook

5. Easy to purchase! Without much considering,
I choosed two dresses from the page,email them and deal!
The delivery was fast! I ordered the items on Saturday,
the postman came on Monday morning! =D

6. Now, the crucial part, how about the dresses?
It fits me nicely and the material is good!

Look at how unique this dress is!

I always have cardigan with me as my arm is big and I am shy!

However, I hate the fact that Singapore is HOT!

and wearing a cardigan equals to suicide lol

Guess what? this dress came with a some-sorta shawl

that's attached to the dress!

Now, I can cover my arm without wearing a cardigan! yay!

I'd pair my dress with my Kate Spade bag by Loves-Coach

And a cool heels I got from HongKong!

Next item is this flora dress..

It looks exactly like the picture.

The cutting is nice and I feel sweet with the dress on!

However, it's a little bit too sexy for me.

Hahaha gonna pass it to my sis.

She'll love it! =D

Don't forget to register an account and subscribe to

and visit ABellaChic and shop now!

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