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06 June 2011

Dolly Wink Pencil Eye Liner, Mascara nd Eye Shadow -


Hi girls! Are you excited?
I am mad-excited. Before that, I would like to say sorry.
Sincerely apologize to for this late review.
My schedule has been very packed!
and I want this review to be cute! that's why I need time to prepare.

Before that, if you are my loyal reader,
You should know that I've been raving for Dolly Wink
since last time I saw it from Watson click here

And yup, as mentioned on my previous post,
it ALWAYS goes out of stock in Watson.
I am so sad, regret and dissapointed.

And guess what. After looking around the internet,
I found
They sell a lot of make up product from Japan!
Now, you don't need to try your luck to go down to watson again.
Because, you can pre-order it from Golden Lace Shop!
On top of that, the owner is very approachable and friendly.
Guess what? She even delivered the goods personally to my place.
Where to find this kind of shop owner man!

Anyway! So these are the items that I received;

Dolly Wink Pencil Eyeliner - Brown

I love the polkadot design!

Smooth Application!
Compared to other eye liner, this pencil is easier to apply.
Most importantly, I love the colour!
It's in light brown - japanese favorite!

Next Item:

Dolly Wink - Volume Mascara

Yes THE BEST mascara packaging I've ever owned.
Royal Purple + Victorian Laces frame + Ribbon and Dolly Wink logo

Here's the brush.
I've tried it and it was amazingly thick.
Not only that, it lengthen my lashes too.
Compared to Maybelline Volum' Express, it has similar effect.
However, I prefer dolly wink as the effect is neater.
In addition, it can be used to lengthen my lower lashes too.
Just as the manual below.

Next item is this;

Dolly Wink Eyeshadow - 02 - Gray Pink

Again, another awesome packaging.

Tutorial included

Here's how the outcome should be

Here's the swatches on my hand.

The colours are pretty light.
It consists of silver, metalic gray, glittery black and soft matte pink.
I love how the eye shadow creates 3D effect on my eyes.
My eyes looks innocent after application too.

Stay tune for pictures!

Meanwhile, Order your dolly wink products at

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