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27 June 2011

Cute Bun by Mum Sis and I

Hahaha! Yeas!

We were so bored that we decided to....

Make some cute bun! =D

Mum found some flour, baking powder and etc

and the disaster began!

(For tutorial kindly email me: then I can try to ask my mum for recipe!)

Sis mixing the dough..

Dear sis, can we eat that? HAHAHA

Dare to eat OUR bun? =D

Mum prepared the dough for us..and now..

Let's play ckckck!

This is my 1st bun! The Hello Kitty Bun! lol

Sitting beside my kitty is the piggy bun by sis! hohoho..

Cute right? Hohohoooo...

And we're done!! =D

Super CUTE!

Tweety! We used black sesame for the eyes. lol

Little cute doggie!


Two lil pair of sweet panda By sis!

Mum made that chicken on the top hahaha!

Now, it's the time to steam them..

Ready to see the result?

Tadah! Hahaha it grew much bigger lol

It was edible! *I am serious*

We eat those with some butter and kaya =D

Wanna try some?

I bet you don't want =D

Hahaha We had so much fun laughing!

Especially at mum's chicken! lol and if you noticed,

mum made a boy's bun too!

Mum said that the boy was my bro! HAHAHA! so creative!

More session like this please =D

Btw, do you still want a tutorial? HAHAHA

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