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14 June 2011

Best Shopping Blog by - Omy Blog Award 2011

Hi Guys !!

I would like to thanks to
MY PARENT for all the hard-earned money
that they've spent on me.
I am a lucky girl who could shop for anything I want! =D
We are not rich but we are happy!

Of course, thanks to MYSELF as well! for being independent.
I've been working part time and earned a lot of money recently *happy*
I approaches people, I work hard till 10pm, I distributes flyer,
I would do ANYTHING (legal) to earn money
(the job has to be acceptable too of course!).

Thanks to this wonderful blog that has attracted many readers!
My blog has up to 1000 readers per day! *wohoo*
Because of all of you you you and you,
I can have my make up products, dresses, events,
food, gadgets and etc sponsored!
*Happy! my hard work pays!*

My parent, You, my readers and I made this possible!
I have been sharing my shopping, my haul, my finds,
sponsored review, advertorial, hot deals and promotion
on this space and now,

My blog is one of the top ten finalists for the
Sponsored Category by
in the Omy Blog Award this year!

*Imagine Firework!*

HAHAHA I was so-super-very-extremely HAPPY when I received
an email from informing me that
my blog is in the top ten BEST SHOPPING BLOG list.

A category that I hope to win in the Singapore Blog Award 2011!

This is possible if you can vote for me!
Of course, vote for me only if you think my blog deserve it!

You can cast your vote once EVERYDAY!
Kindly support! Now, how to vote for me?

1. Register an account at
2. Go to " 4 Special Category" - Best Shopping Blog by
3. Look for me Irene Octoviani Tan
4. Vote!

There are loads of cool prizes for VOTERS too.
So don't wait! vote for me today, tomorrow and everyday =P

Visit !

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