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23 June 2011

BEERFEST Asia 2011 - Marina Promenade

Thanks to Alfred from APB Singapore!

It was my pleasure to be invited to the BeerFest Asia 2011 !

To be honest, I love to drink beer! BUT! Unfortunately I can't!

Not because that I can't drink but

I can't drink because of my sensitive skin. *complicated*

I have been experiencing dry skin! And as per doctor's suggestion,

I have to avoid beer, sauna or whatever activity that can burnt my skin.

Beers heat up my body temperature therefore, I can't drink!

I invited my bf with me because he LOVE alcohol! =D

The festival was held in Marina Promenade - near to Singapore Flyer.

Attire of the day: Sis dress


The event was held for 4 consecutive days!

From 16 June to 19 June 2011!

We went down on Friday 17 June!

It was insightful! My dad should come down to the event too!

Reason : To see if there's any opportunity to distribute

some of the brands in Indonesia =D

I love the view and the surrounding but not the fact that,

there's no air conditioner. Hohoho.

Alfred generously brought a lot of beer for us to try!

My pink wrist band!

A lot of beer sales girl were walking around offering beers.

A lot of walking advertisement too!

Tables and Chairs were provided.

You can rest, chat and drink!

Snacks and Food stall were available too!

Some of the Beers that we he tried.

His favorite is the one from Italy! Berra Moretti !

We were given load of voucher to redeem beers!

*Very generous*

After a while, we decided to explore the surrounding!

Thanks to my bright and big eyes (as usual) hahaha!

I found a Manchester United corner!

It's either they shortened the player

or there's a step up behind the board.

HAHAHA's not likely that...!

he has the same height with Berbatov lol

There were loads of Caucasions!

They love alcohol!

So this is not new.

Other than food and beers,

There were entertainments too!

such as Comedy Show, Live Rock Performances and etc.

Even though I don't drink.

I still think that it's an enjoyable event!

I gets to explore beers from different countries, join the crowd

and have fun! Live music heat the party up!

See You Next Year!

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