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31 May 2011

Ten Good News VS Ten Bad News !


1. I am in the top ten finalists for the HTC Best Mobile Blog category -
2. I am in the top ten finalists for the Best Shopping Blog category -
3. I won $30 sakura voucher from
(together with bro and bf's prize we got $110 sakura's voucher!) yay!
4. My creativity on bf's picture won Zaniest Zit Awards !
and I won a generous Garnier Hamper!
5. I won Nuffnang & Churp Churp Connect contest and
I got a pair of GV movie tickets!
6. Attended Guerlain's event and will receiv
my Guerlain's goodies through mail soon!
7. I have received my 4 days part time job pay of $590 ! Wohoo!
8. I am receiving my 2 days TheBodyShop part time job pay soon! Aw!
9. I've got the sponsor for my lens!
Total of 12 pairs of lens is going to be introduced on my blog!
10. I am invited to be a part of AFC Fan program!
new product for review every month yay!

1. I just bought a new camera! total damage $459 !
2. I just shopped at Gmarket total damage $74
3. I just clicked on some deals! - Illido- $100, Snoopy- $20, IPL $18, Facial $48 !
4. Exam result will be released in two days!
5. I accidentally fell down in front of my lift yesterday! It was slippery duh!
6. My house is very messy! Thanks to Gucci!
7. A mountain of clothes is waiting to be washed, cleaned, dried and ironed.
8. The interior designer of my room is slacking! AHRRR !!
9. Schedule is packed ! I got event for tonight, Thursday and next week!
10. A lot of advertorial is queuing up!


  1. Hi Irene,

    Congratz for the 10 news apalagi yg terpilih jadi best blog categories! :) btw, kamu tinggal di Singapore kan? Kebetulan gw juga, kmu student di skola mana?

  2. hey I just saw your comment =)


Thanks for your lovely comment!