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02 May 2011

TANGS and VivoCity present Style Explosion

Nothing much for today.
Just want to blog or rather share on some photos
of the fashion show I attended on extreme last week lol

I was invited by Vivo and Tangs to this Style Explosion Fashion show.
It happened on 16th April 2011 - Vivo city Amphitheater.

In fact, coincidentally, I was working on that day hohoho.
I took an early break and met up with bf to attend the show.

I love the colourful background. So cheerful!

Another picture of the stage.

It was pretty crowded but acceptable.

Here's their msg and list of brand featured:

Kick-off the Spring/Summer fashion season
with a glorious celebration of colours and exuberance.
Featuring the relaxed resort-styled tailoring of COAT’S,
the back-to-nature spirit of INDIVIDUAL EXPRESSIONS,
the ‘Garden Rouche’ romance of MARTINA PINK,
and the effortlessly urban collections by

I have no idea on how to describe those photos above.
I didn't pay attention to it at that time.
Hohoho Just wanted to share about an incident.

So !! there was a section whereby the model
actually walked down from behind the audience.
(as in they were sitting on the back seat and then
they walked the fashion show from the back to the stage in front)

Then half way through,
I need to go back to work!
I walked through the path and everyone looks at me.
*fml* moment. Everyone thought I was one of the models too.
I was a bit shock as I didn't think about the issue.
OMG! Imagine how hard it was for me to walk down the stairs at that time.
*super malu* I was wearing polo shirt and skirt and sandals! lol
(new fashion) =_="

Anyway, here's two goodies bags we got (worth $120 each) !

Brand featured in it were;

Sonia Rykiel

Misc perfumes

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