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06 May 2011

Sakae Sushi Addicted!

Hola ! Sakae Sushi addicted recently! =)
Not me in fact. It's HIM! lol
Anyway! Today I had my second last exam!
Hihihi ok la only 4 exams in total =_="
Felt a lil bit relax ! I am going WILD soon wohoo!!

Some yummy picture to make you hungry hihihi
Salmon Carpaccio

Sunshine Maki!

Fresh sweet Mango and crispy prawn! =)

Spicy Idako Maki

Hotate Mentaiyaki

And this is our creation HAHAHA

We called it The Hotaprawn! =P

Had Fun with the game!

Yay! I won! =D

Lastly we have Mr Gucci to present you my latest Sakae Sushi Card =P

Have a great day!
Btw, I am watching LIVE entertainment
at www.LiveoMusic.Com NOW!
Head to the website now now now!
They have a lot of freebies for you and
they are FUN People! It makes my day! =)
It's better than radio!

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