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16 May 2011


My relationship has been up and down.
I hate it.
I hope to forget everything. I tried.
I might not looks like one. But, I am lonely.
Doubtness and fear are inside me.
I have been trying to look happy outside.
Now, I don't see the point of doing so.
Afterall, it's empty inside. It hurts.
You've changed!
You are no longer the guy that would call me back
when I hung up the phone,
the one that always listen to what I say seriously.
You ignored me. You took whatever I said as a joke.
I've been trying to get what I want from you.
At the end, you still don't get it.
You always showered me luxury that is not important to me.
Where's the love? where's the care? I don't see it.
I've been wasting my life, my time, my youth.
Thanks for the wake up call.
It's the time for me to move on.
I don't want to get hurt physically and mentally anymore.
Save your money!
You are back as a stranger to me.
Live your life like what you've been doing these year.
I seems transparent to you. It's okay! It's okay =)
I need you to get rid of my memory.
I am no longer the girl you used to know.
I've changed too.
My future is bright and stop blocking me.
I just need someone to love me and you don't.

I am extremely dissapointed and regret.


  1. Cheer up, girl! Had the same problem with you, my ex never really showed me care and concern. When I was telling him that I felt neglected; he probably thought I was too demanding and we broke up. :/

  2. Me too =(

    End up 2 years relationship..
    Well, ladies can't understand guys and in opposite way =(

    Love will change just like that..

  3. yeah..aggree =) guys always think that we are too demanding lol


Thanks for your lovely comment!