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19 May 2011

Nyonya and Baba - Peranakan Cuisine Vivo City

It has been SO LONG since last time I posted about food.
Hohoho recently we are poor..So we only had nasi lemak!
Hahahaha..This is actually an outdated post.
It was taken early of the year? lol

Nyonya and Baba - Peranakan Cuisine Vivo City

My impression is not really deep on this restaurant.

The drinks were just normal standard drink.

We had soup, rendang and kangkong!

Rendang was good! Kangkong was normal, soup was a bit bland.

I forgot but it was supposed to be some kind of veggie soup or chix soup?

I really have no idea lol

Price was pretty high...

Total damage was about $80 for all?
Hm..I might not revisit the restaurant though.
Garuda is still the best for malay food =D

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