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01 May 2011

Narcissus Total Defense BB Cream

Today I am going to talk about another product I got from Naruko.
It's under the [Total Defense] Narcissus product category

Narcissus Total Defense BB Cream

Price: $19.90

(It is their online top seller product!)

NARUKO Narcissus Total Defense BB Cream is a light
and fresh cream that enables non-greasy finish yet it
contains a high concentration of beauty lotion.
It could hydrate, conceal and tint while
reinforcing the natural defense of skin.

It also works to brighten to by suppressing the formation of melanin
and combating free radicals.
The content of Minerals and Light Diffusing Factor help conceal
and tint for a healthy-looking appearance.

How to use it:

Dispense a proper amount (around 0.5-1cm long) to palm.

Wipe, pat and press over skin paying extra attention to dehydrated parts

and imperfections, until the cream is perfectly blended with skin.

Rub hands and press your face for better adherence.

Use prior to lotion , moisturizer and sun care.

My review;

It makes my skin moisturized all day long.

It evens my your skin color very well too.

The coverage is not as good as foundation.

However, it does brighten up my skin and gives it a glow.

Another thing to highlight is that,

all naruko's products smell awesome including this one!

Lovely relaxing lavender smells.

Usually, my skin will get sensitive to product with fragrance

but definitely not for this one!

I've been using it for a week and it's skin-friendly (at least to my skin).

Another thing to highlight is that,

I can feel slight minty/cooling when I applied it on my skin.

It calms my skin so much that I don't know how to describe. =)

I would say YES. I will definitely buy this again.

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