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09 May 2011

Mother Day Cake and Flower For Mum!

Thanks to Swissbake and XpressFlower.Com
For the awesome gift ! Mum love it!
Especially when it's courtesy from them hahaha..

I went to NEX Serangoon to collect the flower and cake
before going back to Indonesia this afternoon. =)

I was allowed to pick any cakes and I choosed this
Strawberry Champagne Cake!

They are well-known with their chocolate cakes but!
Unfortunately, mum don't like chocolate hihihi...

Then move on, I went to XpressFlower.Com to collect the flower.
It was located conveniently on 3rd floor.

We travel all the way back to Indonesia just to celebrate
I am glad that mum is happy!

Guess what? Bro came back with me too!
We departed from Singapore at 05.50pm - from Harbour Front Terminal
and he went back to Singapore at 09.30pm - from Harbout Bay just now.
Which mean, he was here just for about 3-4 hours lol

After we arrived, we went back home for a while.
as he wants to hug lil merzy too.
Then at about 07.00pm Indonesia Time,
We went to Kingsway at Batam Center to celebrate mother day with
all the aunts and uncles!
Stay tune for the celebration post =)

A Family Picture taken by no one =P

You are just like my friend. The closest friend I've ever had.
I can share about school life, relationship any matters with you.
You are always there to hear me.
I am so lucky and fortunate to have you as my mum.
(I believed bro and sis felt the same way)
You always makes sure that we have enough money to spend,
enough food to eat, comfortable place to sleep when we are away from you.
You never fail to apply medicine on me when I am by your side.
You always remind or should I say force? me to swallow those
irritating medicine. I know. Those are for my own good and
I really appreciated those gestures.
Because of you, the illness on me is in the process of recovering. yay!
You have been spending your whole life
taking care of for us, worrying about us and of course loving us.
We've grown up. We can live by ourselves already.
But that doesn't mean that we don't need you anymore.
We still need you! your love, your care, your support.
One day, I will make you proud of me.

I sincerely apologize if I've ever made you sad or dissapointed with me.
I really regret about it and what's done is done.
I hope you can forgive me. In fact, I believed you never blame me.
Sometimes, I really hate myself. I don't deserve those.
You are too kind !
You and dad are the persons that love me the most in this world.
You guys are the best person I've ever met in my life.
Without you guys, my life won't be so meaningful and fun!


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