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09 May 2011

Mother Day 2011Celebration

So! Here's the celebration post =)
We went to Sydney Hotel last night..
Together with all cousins aunts and uncles.
I have a BIG Family..
Total was about 50+ of us last night..
That was only half-force ckckck...
Most of my cousins were overseas.

On the way UP!

Stairs up to....

Kings Way Chinese Restaurant


Hm..Drinks that I never see in Singapore..

We have about 6 tables last night..

Flower from sis..
Notice that? Mum was wearing a rose dress too!

Bun with pork filling mamamiah!

Us and sis fiance

Just another shoot different lighting lol

Aunt lala and Emily!

Sis and her fiance

with cousin

Drunken prawn

Muahaha my cousin with the singer.
We forced him to take photo with her lol



Yaps my uncle looks fierce.
He is actually very friendly and funny ckck..
That's it!

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