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20 May 2011

Make Up Products

Firstly, This is my lovely nail!

I love it so much! =D so lacey! It wasn't difficult to create!

try it out yourself at home =)

Anyway, just want to share some make up product that I tried..

when I was back in Indonesia =D

This Chanel White Essential Make up base belongs to mami!

Colour is a bit fair but easy to blend and it does even up my skin tone.

Next is this Lioele foundation powder.

Nice packaging but, unfortunately bad product.

It smells like cheap cosmetic. *sigh*

Etude eye liner.

The colour is not strong black.

It creates a lil bit of gold and green black effect.

Easy to apply but unfortunately, easy to smudges too.

Fasio Eye colour

No comment =P

VOV Eyebrow Pencil.

It's not so-pigmented.

I need to draw 3-4 times to achieve my desire shade.

Random under eye high lighter.

The size of the stick is a bit too big for under eyes usage.

Maybelline Long Extreme Double Stretch Mascara

The first end is the one that adds fiber,

where you can actually fake thicker and longer lashes.

Very neat.

It last long and doesn't smudges.

Doesn't create spider leg-like lashes too.

Next is this key chain sized lip gloss from Lioele

The wand! Pinkish colour =D

Not too bad. It does created a shinier lips.

Lastly this anna sui blusher.

You gotta be moderate in applying it.

Or else, if you apply too much, you might need to redo your make up.


Me looking great Hahaha..

Don't I?


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