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22 May 2011

KissJane Blogger Affair - Kaleidoscope of Colours!

I was extremely delighted to be invited to this KissJane Blogger Event.

It was a great and insightful afternoon!

Before we start,

This is an overview of the KissJane!

KissJane is a multi-brand boutique concept store

that aggregates the best collections of local blogshops

under one stylish storefront.

KissJane’s fast-changing brand mix and inventory is unmatched.

Eschewing quantity for variety, every collection found in KissJane is a

“limited edition” one.

With more than 700 collections showcased each year at the two stores,

fashion aficionados will be spoilt for choice

Their mission is to provide "A Kaleidoscopic Shopping Experience"

This is me with my new blonde hair =D

Together with many other bloggers,

I was invited to gather and learned from

one of the most recognized name in local fashion

and entertainment scene, Celebrity stylist-Trey Wong.

He has worked with celebrities and brands such as

Louis Vuitton, Shanghai Tang, and will share his professional views

on High Street fashion, together with the right choice

of make-up to complete the look.

Btw, the one that's standing beside him was the MC.

She was a great MC! Very sexy, cute and humour!

I met some other familiar bloggers at the event.

Gin, Rachel, Claire, Amelia, Nadia, Clara, Jocelyn, Xinyi and Vivian!

The event was held at Lenas, Bugis (The one facing Iluma)

It happened on 15 May which is last week =P

He talked about how we can be at our very best with this year fashion trends

The point that he highlighted was COLOUR BLOCKING TREND

which somehow, I noticed that too!

As when I was shopping at vivo city, all of the fashion outlet were

showcasing a lot of bright and cute colour!

Here's two ladies demonstrating on how to be trendy this year.

I will definitely try it too!

Spot me? =P

One of the famous make up product brands, Benefit

was there too! She introduced a lot of benefit products to us.

We get to try the product too!

On top of that,

a few of benefit product and voucher were in our goodie bag too!

=D *happy*

Good food by Lenas,Ministry of Food - was generously served too!

The food was great and yummy!

Pizzas and bruschetta bread

Fruit- Choco fondue for dessert gosh!

Visit KissJane NOW NOW NOW!

Add Them on Facebook too ! HERE

Awesome Goodies Bag

And awesome bloggers =D

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