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20 May 2011

Ginvera Green Tea Aqua Whitening Cream With Oil Control and Nude Cover BB Cream with SPF 30/PA++

Thank to Ginvera and The Sample Store
for the product sponsor! =)
I have been excitingly wanted to try their new product !!

Today I am going to review these two products;
1). Ginvera Green Tea Aqua Whitening Cream With Oil Control
2). Ginvera Green Tea Nude Cover BB Cream

Let's start from this Aqua Whitening cream
With oil control (Price: SGD16.90)
  • Green Tea Essence, rich in antioxidants to help fight free radicals and reduce photo-aging from UV rays;
  • Thanaka Extracts to provide intensive whitening and moisturising effects for a radiant glow, and to prevent formation of pimples; and
  • Biogel, rich in various amino acids, proteins and trace mineral elements which are required for skin cell growth and whitening effects.
With the above ingredients, the cream promises
the benefits of skin whitening, UV protection, oil control,
lightening of pigmentation and prevents the formation of pimples,
while deeply moisturising the skin for a natural and radiant glow.

It smells good. Easily spread.
The texture is a bit clay-ish and matte.
Non greasy and non oily. Skin does feel hydrated.
Light enough for day usage.
Affordable price and simple packaging.
Nothing much to complaint about the product!

I rated it 4/5

Next product is this;
Ginvera Green Tea Nude Cover BB Cream
SPF 30/PA++ (Price: SGD16.90), enriched with:
  • Allantoin, a cell-proliferating healing agent to help stimulate healthy tissue formation;
  • Hyaluronic Acid for intense hydration;
  • Ginseng and Chinese Angelica to nourish the skin; and
  • Green Tea Extract, rich in antioxidants to help fight free radicals and prevent formation of dark spots.
With a blend of the above ingredients,
Nude Cover promises to help control oil secretion,
moisturise the skin, protect it from harmful UV rays
and natural pollutants
, while reducing fine lines
and acting as makeup base, concealer and foundation all at once.

It does brighten up my complexion.
Coverage is good. Texture is light.
Suitable for dry skin. It smells great too!
In addition, it contain spf 30/PA++.
As you can see from my swatch above.
It's watery which means it's easily spread
*I love watery texture bb cream*
It creates natural coverage.
Besides, there's only one colour for the BB cream.
In fact, I am quite fair. It doesn't darken my skin tone though.
The colour adjusted itself to your skin tone.
So don't worry about the shade.
I gave it 4.5/5 !
I really love the product =)

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