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04 May 2011

Essential Herb Cleansing Oil - AFC Japan

I am TIRED !

Exam is driving me crazy! and yet
Facebook and Blog are so annoying!

I have Facebookabia-problem.
I wonder what am I actually checking,waiting or expecting for!
I have been refreshing my facebook page
again, again and again! almost 100 times per day I guess lol
I totally ignores the fact that I need to STUDY duh!

Today, I have a new make up remover product with me.
It was from AFC Japan!

It's the Herb Cleansing Oil and today I am going to share my review
toward this lil cute product.

Proper cleansing is the key to healthy beautiful skin.
Removing all traces of makeup and impurities allows your skin a renewed
freedom to breathe and absorb the goodness of your skincare nutrients.
Without proper cleansing, excess sebum, dirt and makeup residue
clog pores and result in acne and blackheads.

Removing make up is a very crucial step that
ALL LADIES should know how to!
Even though if you don't wear make up, you still need to take care
your skin by using appropriate cleanser, toner and moisturizer.
Why? Because dirt, pollution and anything outside are very harmful!
It can clog your pores and cause acne or other problem.

Effective cleansing with Active Dissolving System (ADS)

Harnessing Nature’s very best, AFC Essential Cleansing Oil uses four renowned plant ingredients for nourishing delicate skin while cleansing effectively with Active Dissolving System. Containing a blend of rice bran, olive, jojoba and tea tree oils, it actively dissolves stubborn makeup and unclogs pores to rid visible blackheads. Gentle enough for use on the delicate eye area.

AFC Essential Cleansing Oil is free from fragrances, colorants, preservatives and mineral oil. With the non-allergenic ingredients, it does not irritate nor cause pimples, suitable even for the most sensitive skin. With the light texture, it is non-comedogenic, you can apply to your skin easily to rid the pore-clogging impurities and makeup residue.

Triple Action – Cleanse, Soften, Balance

AFC Essential Cleansing Oil with a perfectly blended plant oils to dissolve and rid makeup residue and dirt, leaving your skin cleansed and alive!

Are you ready to try?

Random Picture before removing make up

Gucci Baby!

Here's the texture of the remover oil.

A lot of makeup product in the market is oil based,
this type of makeup remover will cleanse/dissolve the toughest makeup.
To be honest, people around me have the perception
that oil based is not good because it can leave residues.
Well, I agree!
For oily skinned people,
it can clog your pores and result in prone skin.
However, this not mainly caused by the oil-based make up remover
It's likely to be caused by the residues that left on the skin
without proper cleaning process

You should DOUBLE cleanse-
use your own cleanser after your makeup remover.
A good makeup remover plus a good gentle cleanser
would leave your skin feeling clean and soft.

This is the before and after removing make up! =D
Ps: The 'with make up' picture is actually
a picture that shown 'half-face in the process of removing' ckck

My review:
My skin can breathe again!
It was very clean and refreshing =)
I love the fact that it is made from natural ingredients.
Moreover, I also love the fact that it contains;
Tea Tree Oil, Olive Oil, Rice Bran Oil and Jojoba Seed Oil

Tea tree oil can prevent blemishes and acne for a naturally clear complexion.
Olive oil can penetrates deeply to soften and moisturize dry and sensitive skin.
Jojoba seed oil works to prevents water loss and balances skin’s natural pH level.
Rice Bran Oil that works as a natural moisturizer to protect skin
from harmful free radicals.

In short, other than removing your make up,
you are actually pampering your skin with misc oil that
provide benefit for your skin.

Compare to other the make up remover,
my make up were easily dissolve.
Packaging wise, I love it!
It's stored in a green transparent bottle with pump!
Easy to use and hassle free.

In summary, I will rate this product 7/10
Price is reasonable too!
It's retailing at $ $34.90

For more info visit LifeStreamGroup Website!


  1. Hi may I know where to buy this thank you (: I really like oil cleaners.

  2. You can get it here


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