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17 May 2011

Dinner & Beauty Indulgence by MURAD‏

I was invited by Elfaine from TSS and Catherine to this Murad Event! =D

It was held at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Singapore!

It was a great night. Good food were served too!

Upon Arrival, we registered and signed the board

Woots! A lot of gorgeous blogger attended the event too.

Cat and I were tired!
I guess you can tell that from my picture below.
HAHAHA We worked from 10am to 7pm that day lol

My badge

Here's Miss Mimi, the Brand Manager for Murad
She was doing a mini presentation for the product!
She is cute and friendly =)
and look extremely young at her age *envy*

The first thing that I was looking for..
FOOD! Hahaha we just had a sandwich since morning.
and we are human! lol

Now let's talk more about MURAD

Founded by Dr Howard Murad

It's all about

Helping people look younger, feel healthier, live happier.

The brand has scientifically-advanced formulations

that make beautiful, healthy skin attainable for everyone.

The skincare products are highly targeted treatments

which are so effective, they are now available in 35 countries internationally.

Dr Murad believes that a healthy complexion is a holistic reflection

of wellness both inside and out.

Over time, your body and your skin will be healthier and look better

if you use the right skincare products, get the right mix of nutrients

(from food and supplements) and make positive lifestyle choices

like resting well and exercising.

Here's some of the products;

Vitalic Range

Redness theraphy

Environmental Shield

White Brilliance

Age Reform Intensive

Guess what? The product is made from Durian! lol

Cool? =D

Brownies =DDD

I was sitting with Huirong, Nadia, Kanny, Jocelyn, Christine and Cat!

Look at the gorgeous decoration on the table!

Black and Red was the theme.

Here's Mr Howard Murad. He's one of the sons of Dr Murad.

The Main point of the night!

The launch of HYBRIDS

The first and new make up line by Murad.

We get to try out the products and

there was a demonstration going on too.

Here I am with the primer - dewy and matte.

We were told that there is only one colour for the product.

The primer will adjust its colour to the skin tone.

Which mean it's also suitable for people with dark skin tone.

Evens skin tone, minimizes
pores and creates a matte finish
It's suitable for oily skin

Evens skin tone, minimizes
pores and creates a dewy finish
This is more suitable for dry skin.

Next we have the Eye Lift Perfector and Illuminator

Let's start from
Concealing formula boosts
firmness by 50% in 15 minutes

Why you need it:

Perfect skin tone with this natural tint concealer

Primary Benefits:

  • Increase skin firmness by 50% in 15 minutes
  • Minimize the appearance of dark circles

Then this is the;

Brightening formula boosts
firmness by 50% in 15 minutes
(The violet colour one)

Why you need it:

Instantly brighten the eye area with this neutralizing violet formula.

Primary Benefits:

  • Increase skin firmness by 50% in 15 minutes
  • Minimize the appearance of dark circles

It was a great night accompanied by great food!
Duh biggest regret of my life.
Didn't get to try the salmon HAHAHA..
Everyone said that it was nice duh!
Btw, my pasta and steak were great too!
extremely tender and flavorful!

My Favorite!!! Dessert!

OH MY GOD! Everything was fabulous!

The chocolate melted in my mouth man!!

Lastly, my goodies bag!

Thank you so much Miss Mimi, Murad and teams

for the awesome night.

I really enjoyed it.

ADD Murad on Facebook here

VISIT their site here

GET your Murad products at

BHG Bugis (tel: 6238-8475);

Metro Paragon (tel: 6235-8379);

Robinson Centrepoint (tel: 6887-4583)

& TARA apothecary (tel: 6226-3963)

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