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14 May 2011

Daily Make Up

Hola!! Finally I can spare some time to update my lovely blog =)
Today I am going to share a short review on some products that I got.

I was using this eye colour from Fasio and I am in love with!
It is simple, natural colour and glittery finish.
In addition, it is long lasting too! Easy to blend and awesome!

This is how it looks like (taken with flash)
Under natural lighting it is actually not so obvious =)
It gives you natural colour, deep set and glittery result.

Next, Let's talk about lashes.

I have been diligently applying The Foltene Eyelashes treatment.
It DOES makes my eyelash stronger and thicker =)

After the treatment wait for about 5 mins? Then I apply..
This extreme stiletto mascara from Maybelline.
It's good. It does add extremely satisfying length (not volume though)
But! Sometimes, your eyes will feel uneasy
because of the fine feather in it.
It might gets into your eyes if you didn't apply it appropriately.

After application

Next is this cheek gradiator

I used it to highlight my T-zone,
darken the side of my nose
and as a blusher.
It is not bad but I wished that the packaging was bigger =D

See that! very natural right..

In fact, it looks like I don't have any make up on me lol

Products featured above can be found in Watson
(only those big outlet like ngee ann city, vivo city and etc)

Have a great great day!
Btw, please remember my photos above.
Because I am going to have an EXTREME make over soon!


  1. Love your make-up (:
    May I ask how much is the cheek gradiator and where did you get it from? Lastly, is useful in highlighting and contouring?


  2. Hi Reika! To be honest I can't remember the price of the gradiator so sorry. I got it from Watson, Ngee Ann City. I personally like the cheek colour. Orangee colour..As for the contouring part. It's too light to make my face smaller. So probably, I will look for something in darker colour. For the hightlight I found it okay only. 7/10 =)


Thanks for your lovely comment!