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16 May 2011

The Body Shop School Campaign!

Firstly, thanks to lovely Cat and Joyce for recommending the job! =D

So! I picked up a part time job recently.

Before that, I went for a four hour training at Holland Village.

Can you guess what job and what brand I was working for?

We were exposed to most of the product.

In fact, I am pretty familiar with almost everything from them before this =D

Ok larh! Not fun! Hahaha!

you guys should already know the brand from the title..


The Body Shop, My favorite brand! =D

Cute Mugs


I started to work right on the next day after I've completed my last exam.

Huahaha I am super woman lol No choice the pay was too seducing lol

Now, can you guess what was my title from my uniform?

Hm...Sushi Chef? Hahaha! lol (joke inspired by cat =P )

NO MAN! Not sushi chef lol

I was working as a Beauty Consultant.

I am not a professional.

But I am able to provide suggestion, product recommendation

and of course a basic consultation =D

Btw, some of the students there recognized me!

that proved that I am still recognizable as in not too different from photos

Hahaha some of them were Indonesian too (happy!the)

The Booth! The event was held at Ngee Ann Polytechnic

They were promoting Tea Tree oil Range to the student =)

Voucher and Samples were given out too!

Lastly, allow me introduce this cool and interesting product.

The Tea Tree Oil Exfoliating PAD! yeaps! Cotton Pad!

It's actually something like a toner where you scrub your face

with the rough side of the cotton.

You can see instant brightening effect!

Go down to the nearest TheBodyShop outlet to try out! =)

This is Xinjie my new friend =D

Next destination is not confirm yet.

It's likely to be Nanyang Polytechnic though.

I hope it's not too far from where I stay now =D


Thanks for your lovely comment!