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29 May 2011

Barcelona VS Manchester United

He told me that people has been wow-ing about the match.
Including himself =_=" People named it the perfect match.
Barcelona and Manchester united are both strong teams!
According to him, the chance of winning is 50:50.
Even him, as a HUGE Manchester United fans is unsure about the match.
If Man United happened to lose the match,
it's very likely that we'd just have nasi lemak for the next couple of days.
If Man United won the match tonight,
we will go to Orchard tomorrow! Hahahaha...

Here's some funny fact that I noticed;

1. He ALWAYS have his jersey on whenever he watches the match.

2. He often late for class but NEVER for Man United match.
3. He would wake up IMMEDIATELY when I announce the matches has started.
4. He'd shouts, yells, kicks, bangs, throws, frowns, damages
ANYTHING that's near to him when the referee is unfair.
5. He'd jumps, laughs, sings, dances, runs when Man United scored a goal.
6. He must set the volume of the TV at 85/100. It annoys me so much! *noisy!*
7. He has more comment than the commentator!
8. He only goes to WASHROOM during the match break.
9. He couldn't take his eyes off the TV since the matches start.
10. He TOTALLY ignore me while watching the match =(

Update: The score was 3-1 !
Barcelona won the match.
AND you can imagine how noisy last night.
It was like a concert with some cheering first and followed by yelling.
Gucci and I can't sleep well ! DUH!
Hate and Love with football.
Lastly, I am going to buy nasi lemak now..
To cheer him up HAHAHA...

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