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19 May 2011

Barbie Lens

Property of Ina, my sis! Hahaha

Lol! when I was back in Indonesia, I saw this pair of Barbie Lens.

Sis bought it for herself or myb his fiance bought it for her..

Anyway! I have been looking for this lens!

I was attracted by the packaging..

This robotic lens case..

Interesting right? But it's quite bulky.

Made in Japan? or Korea? I have no idea.

I wish to own a purple one! this is so nice right!

Lacey grey!

According to sis it's 17mm?

That's way too big.

Not sure if it' comfortable.

Sis bought it at about $25?

Which I think it's a lil bit pricey..

This is her! Do we look a like? lol

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  1. Ren,

    Ina belinya dimana lensnya?


Thanks for your lovely comment!