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28 May 2011

AFC Chef's Diet Risotto

Ladies and gentlemen! You would love this!

AFC Diet Risotto!

You don't have to starve to lose weight!

Weight gain is often due to overeating and sedentary lifestyle habits.
When you consume more calories than what your body can use up,
the body stores the excess calories as fat.
Thus, a successful weight loss program works best when
there is a reduction in calories consumed,and increase in physical activity.

I personally reduce weight by skipping my dinner.
Simply because, I can't resist dinner! duh!
Can you imagine me! consuming a McSpicy and directly go and SLEEP
without doing anything or wait for a couple of hours then sleep?
Duh! I can't imagine how many FATS has been stored in my body.
But now thanks to AFC Chef's Diet Risotto!
I don't have to skip dinner anymore!

AFC Chef’s Diet Risotto is a low-calorie nutrient-dense gourmet meal replacement, which works to control calorie intake by reducing food portions while keeping you satisfiated.

Replacing your heaviest meal of the day with AFC Chef’s Diet Risotto
daily can go a long way in long-term weight reduction.
Research shows that meal replacements can inculcate improved discipline,
and better compliance in a weight loss program.

With an adequate intake of essential nutrients,
and a sense of fullness, this translates to a lower drop-out rate
as compared to other diets.

For the overweight, even a small 5% reduction in body weight
can help to drastically improve the sense of well-being,
and decrease cholesterol and blood glucose levels naturally.

And it has 5 tasteful flavour!

Tomato with Basil
- Chucks of carrot and celery
- Tangy taste, with a hint of Basil

Mediterranean Seafood
- Filled with scallops and clams
- Tastes like clam chowder

Curry Stew
- Rich Japanese curry taste
- High vegetable content
Cream of Mushroom
- Chockfull of mushrooms
- Light creamy sauce
Assorted Cheese
- Made from four cheese (Parmesan, Cheddar, Gouda, Gorgonzola)
- Creamy sauce

And it is hassle-free to prepare this meal.

You can either heat it up by soaking the sealed packet
in boiling water for 5 minutes
OR you can microwave it for 2 minutes.

Kuromi can't wait to try!

Are you ready?



Mediterranean Seafood – Filled with scallops and clams

It was delicious! Doesn't taste like a diet meal! aka plain meal!

It fact, it a bit salty and yummy!

See that? clam and scallop in it !

Assorted Cheese – Made from four cheese
(Parmesan, Cheddar, Gouda, Gorgonzola)
Creamy sauce

Tomato with Basil - Chunks of carrot & celery
Tangy taste, with hint of Basil

Cream of mushroom – Chockfull of mushrooms
Light creamy sauce

Curry Stew – Rich Japanese curry taste
High vegetable content


If you noticed,
It contains small lil transparent beads in it!
(beads are more obvious in cheese flavour risotto picture)
Guess what? It's low-calorie konjac,
made from Japanese konnyaku potato which has a similar texture to rice.
The risotto contains a mix of full grain white rice and konjac.

It also contains collagen
that restores skin firmness, and reduces wrinkles and fine lines.
Besides, it is fortified with iron,
for essential body functions and performance.
Lastly, High in Fibre is in it too!
The function of it is to increase satiety and promotes bowel movement.

1 box of AFC Chef’s Diet Risotto - 5 flavours cost only $36 !
It is only available for online Click here to buy!
Or call them at 6535 7333 for phone order.


  1. looks good but very expensive wor!
    u bought it or is it sponsored?

  2. It taste nice too! =D @Cat it was sponsored =)


Thanks for your lovely comment!