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22 April 2011

YSL Shirt - Outfit post

Here's some photo shoots attempt.
Hahaha this time round, my lil bro was the photographer.
If you compare their standard - actually not much difference Hahaha..

Let's start with a cool picture of me! =D
I love the shirt!

The material of the shirt is cotton.
Not so thick and not thin!
Just good for summer!

I can't believe that it's ME in the picture.
I looks like a celebrity in that shirt! and glasses =D
Don't I? Ok, maybe it's just me, over-confidence =P

My YSL nail art to match with the outfit =D

Juicy couture bracelet and Big rose ring for the accessories.

One thing that I like about T-shirt is that they are versatile!
It can be paired with anything! - Rene

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