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20 April 2011

Vivi Style Peeptoe T-bar Wedges and YSL Inspired Studded Bag by


I am going to blog about the after hour party event organized by Puma
that was held at Marina Bay Sands weeks ago very soon.
I promise! I knew it. I am a bit too late, right?
I am at an extreme stress condition now. Reason?
Exam is really really coming very very soon!
Can't you feel it?

I was wearing this wedges sponsored by to the party.
This is the second pair of wedges that I owned so far
and also the second pair of shoes I got from
Click here for the previous one.

I starts to fall in love with wedges.
They can be very tall and at the same time, comfortable.
Besides, it's also very fashionable.
In fact, the wedges above is actually a VIVI magazine inspired wedges.
It is all over the japanese magazines!

Vivi Style Peeptoe T-Bar Wedges[W0341]

Color and Status:
Brown 36/38 instocks,
Black and Beige/backorder.

Price is S$34.90
It can be found here

Next item is my new bag!
Also sponsored by

YSL inspired studded bag $25.90

Available in 3 colors click here

I love this bag so so so x100 much!
The material is thin leather and the inner is silk fabric material.
It is very very spacious! I can even put the wedges inside
(including my wallet and everything)

Another thing that I like about the bag is that
it can be used in 3 ways!

See that? Magic!

Close up and taken with flash!

Yeaps. Lady gaga's fav bag too!

My nail of the day to match with my outfit =)

Here I am with my cool wedges and my fashionable bag! =D

Let's talk a lil bit more about the wedges.

Other than comfortable, I found out that my legs look taller with it.

As you can see, my skin on the both side of the shoes are actually exposed

and also! look at the straight straps in the middle.

It contributes to a longer-leg-effect look too.

Don't you think so? In real life, I am very short you know.
From this picture above, I looks like I have a slim long leg wor!

Another plus point.
It is very versatile! It can be matched with any outfit!
Shirt and Jeans?


Hm...I've decided!

Next time, I will match it with jeans shirt and white skirt + brown belt.

Stay tune ok! Not so fast though.

I need to concentrate on my study =(

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  1. omg i love your wedges and bag!! it's so me! ;-)

  2. hehehe quickly order yours since there're some ready stock available =)

  3. awesome bag! I can see that it's a high quality bag!

  4. It is! Hehehe other than spacious. the material is soft!

  5. I love the shoe's!! Nice shoes

  6. The bag is afforable and nice! Do I need to pre order?


Thanks for your lovely comment!