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30 April 2011

Viccal - The Smarter Skincare Review

We're not here to change your skin type.
Just what you know of skincare.
We won't promise you instant results.
We only create skincare solutions that works with your skin.
We don't use alcohol, preservatives, colorants or fragrances.
We only use 100% actives.

Those sentences catches my attention.
I can feel their sincerity and honesty in doing business. =)
Instead of promises, they made a clear statement.
The brand I am talking about here is

Their products contain;

100% actives -
a naturally restorative effect on skin’s appearance – whether to balance, protect or renew, Viccal products combine actives according to their natural benefits in concentrations that are most efficacious.

Natural Content -
Actives are derived from flowers, herbs and plants in their formulations.
The products do not contain alcohol, artificial fragrances, colourants, fillers, preservatives or ingredients like plastics and silicones.

Authentic and Pure -
Viccal bottle ingredients as they are, relying on their natural characteristics to achieve optimum results.

VICCAL (2oml)
The Collection range & prices:

- NO 1.10 Nurture & Strengthen $145
- NO 2.11 Detoxify & Heal $165
- NO 3.12 Revitalise & Energise $185

1 is for normal skin.
2 is for skin prone to acne or blackheads
3 is for dry skin.

You might not be familiar with the brand.
This is not surprising,
as the product is not available in pharmacies, drug store and etc (yet).
(Not sure about their future plan)
But, currently, it is available only in certain clinics and online.

Thanks to TheSampleStore and Viccal.
I was sponsored with one bottle of precious serum ^o^v

The No.2.11 Detoxify & Heal

This calming serum delivers detoxifying benefits
to repair and renew skin's condition.
It helps reduce the appearance of inflammation and dimishes
the visibility of pores over time , improving skin texture naturally .

Continued use of the serum delivers positive cumulative effects
on skin that is prone to breakouts to become calmer.
Because the serum works to gently clarify the skin,
it can also be used to improve the appearance of areas prone
to mild eczema , blackheads and whiteheads .

The product comes in bottle and pump form.
It's easy to use as we can control the amount that we want to use
and also it's very hygienic.
When I applied, it seems a lil bit oily and shiny on skin.
After while, it's fully absorbed by my skin though.
It doesn't smells pleasant.

As for the effect,
I can only see slight improvement on my T-zone,
less oily, less black head and smaller pores.

However, the price is a lil bit too high.
Especially for me as a student w/o income =P

It's worth buying though.
I can see that my face has brightened after usage.

Redeem your FREE Viccal Serum samples HERE

Learn more about Viccal at their WEBSITE

Viccal can found at:

The Medical Practice

1 Raffles Link #01-03A
Singapore 039393

The Clinic @ One George Street

1 George Street #05-05 (Lobby C)
Singapore 049145
Tel:6438 5322

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