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16 April 2011

Thanks to Puma !

I received these two days ago.
It was delivered personally by their staff.
However, something bad happened.

I was supposed to collect it at Marina Bay Sands last week.
I did went down on time, but guess what?
The person that I approached to, insisted that they didn't prepare for it.
(didn't even bother to check or apologize)

So I commented on their facebook as I was very disappointed.
(they have deleted anyway)
Then, they apologized as it was really their fault.
Miscommunication and so not professional!

Then they said, I do not need to collect, they will deliver it to my house instead.

Firstly, I was not at home at the time when they deliver it
and I received a call from my bro during working hour.
I was extremely busy and didn't expect the person to come at that time.

I was extremely pissed as
I was informed that he will delivery it to me on 14 however, he came on 15 !

When he arrived, he demanded for my email.
1. He knew my address from ME, myself.
2. Since He knew it from Me, what else to clarify for?
3. This is for the first time I was asked to print out email
and sign on the email that I print out myself, funny?
They should have prepared a confirmation form for me/
my representative to sign, isn't?

At the end, I said " I do not want the gift anymore"
since It's not possible for my bro to print out the email and I was BUSY!

So the person threw the gift to my bro and said " I don't know lah"

WTH? Tell me that wasn't from Puma, A well known international brand staff!

Anyway, I love the bag so I choose to forgive. =P


  1. That's not very nice of them!! :(

  2. gosh.... i dunnno how will I explode if it's me!

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  4. Yes, I was extremely angry. In fact, 2-3 person replied to my email. It was very confusing. Different people say different things. They should standardize. Anyway what's over is over =)


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