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18 April 2011

Sunplay Sunscreen Products Review

Hola! It's frog time! =P

I used to go for swimming at Southlinks country club (Batam)
together with my cousins during the weekend few years ago.
However, after I hit my puberty, I've stopped swimming!
Reason: I am SHY!

Besides the fact that I have a plump body,
I am experiencing bad skin condition too. (how sad!)
Not my face but my sexy meaty back lol

Anyway, after I've moved to Singapore,
I starts to swim again ^^v

No one know me anyway!
I usually swims only at the night!

Reason: I don't want to get burnt and tanned!
UV light is scarier than gucci's poo lol (what a comparison!)

Btw, we had fun together in the swimming pool.
Splashing water, doing tricks, challenging each other etc.
Obviously I am a loser in sports! Haha..
Let me tell you a secret,
I only knew to swim with FROG style Hahaha..
He kept laughing at me duh!

Anyway this is the boss! He was enjoying the jacuzzi pool.

Ps: Sorry to disappoint you
but NO picture of me in bikini muahaha
I bet you would not want to see too. lol
In case if you want to imagine, think of Betty boop! Muahaha..

Recently, I received some products sponsored by Sunplay& TSS.

Sunplay's Sunblocks
SUNPLAY UV Body Mist Sunblock SPF80 PA++
SUNPLAY Super Block Clear Finish SPF 130 PA+++

Do you aware that actually Mr.Sun is not really a bad guy =)
Sun light contains Vitamin D which is good for our skin.
However, UV radiation also have some harmful effect such as
Sunburn, Skin cancer, Dna damage and etc.

Gucci will do the advertorial with me today yay!

Btw, he's cool isn't?

To be honest, usually,
I will skip the sunblock step for my everyday make up.
But, during this period, it's not possible and very dangerous to skip!
The sun is extremely hot recently. Yeaps not warm but HOT !
Summer is coming!
It can go up to 32 celcius man! not kidding!

My skin is very sensitive to sunlight.
In fact,I am on accutane.
I am suppose to use sun block, cover myself or avoid sun light.
I only have those 3 options or DIE! hahaha kidding.

Now, let's start from SUNPLAY Super Block Clear Finish SPF 130 PA+++

It's actually a sun block that is in watery liquid formulation,
Suitable to use on face on body,
It can be used as a sunscreen lotion alone or with moisturizer,
It's water resistant too!

My review:
After using it, it has become a must step after my toner.
Even though it's a bit oily at first and
it takes sometimes for my skin to absorb
the finish is actually smooth and dry.
Some sunscreen are very sticky and heavy.
Rest assure, this is not!
Basically you feel nothing after applying it.

The good point about this is that it contain SPF 130 PA+++
This is very very high!
In my experience,
the most SPF that I can found in my make up is only 30-50?

SPF 1 = 15 min of protection
SPF 10 = 150 min of protection
SPF 130 = 1950 min of protection (more than a day!)

There are 3 types:
PA + (effective), PA + + (very effective), PA + + + (super effective)

This has 130! amazing! you can just use it once.
Save the hassle to reapplying it =)

The minus point for this is that, the smells is not very pleasant
and my face become a bit too fair after applying it.

Now, the next product is this
Sunplay UV Body Mist Sunblock SPF 80 PA++

It is actually the latest member to the Sunplay Suncreen range.
It is a mist formed sunscreen that containS SPF 80 PA++ protection
against harmful UVA and UVB rays.

It comes in a bottle form. Save the hassle of applying.
What you need to do is just to spray! =)

The plus point is that it is water proof and sweat proof,
suitable for all kinds of outdoor activities.
Instant refreshing and long-lasting cooling sensation.
Contains Vitamins C & E to help reduce free redicals and
protect the skin from harmful effects of the sun.

My review:
After spraying it, I can feel a lil bit of cooling sensation.
Definitely refreshing.
However, it's a bit oily. It's fine for me as long as it's not sticky =)
It's extremely convenient especially for people that's lazy like me.
Just spray and go!

The minus point is that, it's not okay to spray directly onto face!
Hahaha I think this point only valid on me.
Yes, I am that lazy! lol
If you really want to use it on face, you can do it too
by spraying it on your palm then tap it on your face.

Now I can go swimming during the day and enjoy the sun wohoo !!

Sunplay UV Body Mist Sunblock - $17.90
Sunplay Super Block Sunblock lotion - $17.20

Products can be found in Watson, Guardian and major department stores.
Oh yah
I've not mention that it is actually the No.1 Sunscreen sold in Watsons !

Lastly, GOOD NEWS for you those who are still reading this.
Sunplay is generously giving out
Sunplay Super Block Sunblock Lotion SPF 130 PA+++ for free !!!

Join Sunplay Facebook Fan Page now !!
Click on the Free Sample Tab to redeem for your cute travel size sample
It's in mini bottle form (Really cute and convinient)
kindly refer to my picture above for the picture of the sample.

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