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04 April 2011

Spring/Summer 2011

Hola! Have an Ice Kachang to satisfy your thirst! =)

Hot, Hot, Hot !!!
Weather has been very warm these day.
Which is good as my laundries dry faster than usual.
Hahahaha so aunty! lol no choice! living alone is horror!
Bad because I need to avoid SUN!!
sigh! my skin is getting worse. T-T
I think I need to meditate at home for some period.

I have been missing. I know.
I will post quality post soon!
I have a lot lot lot things to share =)

Meanwhile, I have to spare my time for MY STUDY!
Exam is coming coming coming! =(
I need to really study hard this time,
btw, I am going to Bugis nao! Hehehe..
See you again tonight!
Hola! *missing*
Did I just said that I need to meditate at home? =P

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