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06 April 2011

Renovating My Room !

Yay! My room is now bigger! =D
Thanks daddy!
I am stress now. I should be thinking about my study!
But I can't! I kept thinking about what should I do to my room gosh!
My bed is not important. I want a luxury dressing table and spacious wardrobe!
There will be a step up and a big mirror! omg omg!
Anyway, this is what I just drew. He is an interior design and useless.
Hahahah we have different opinion duh!

The theme for my new room will be ANNA SUI!
Purple and black only! and of course chandelier!

Damn it! I can't concentrate =(

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  1. need help rene!

    how do you upload photos to your blog post?


Thanks for your lovely comment!