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09 April 2011

PINK themed outfit and accessories !

Hola today's post is all about PINK ! =D

First of all, these are some of the the make up I used..
Biore, Skin79, Clinique, TheBodyShop, Maybelline, Silky girl.

And wahlahh! this is my eyes make up on the day.
Charming eh? Hahaha!
I love my eyes! or should I say I love my contact lens =P
It was from

My sexy lips - No! Haha the lip gloss annoyed me =D
And I knew it. I got mustache =DDD

Moving on...
My not-so NEW Camera!
Haha I got it for FREE..!
It was a free gift from Samsung =D

Are you ready?

Wohoo!! My outfit of the day! 3/4 sleeve 3/4 length
Guess how much is the price? $15 only!
It was from PunkStar !

Btw, the photographer was HIM-the NP (not professional) HAHAHA
look at my picture..what are those trees doing on my head LOL
He said "This is what called spring theme"

Next highlight is my $5 wedges !
I blogged about it before =)

And now, look at my accessories =D

$10 Ribbon ring and
Rp. 1.200.000,- Marc by Marc Jacob's Skinny Hinge bangle!

It was a gift from him =)
He bought it when he went to Jakarta.
Who the hell will buy MJ in Indonesia.
Obviously it's more expensive lorh! LoL!
I still can't understand WHY!?

We brought gucci for a walk too =)

Can you guess what's the next item?

Yeaps BAG! =D

It was from
Material is thin leather. Colour is Soft Pink!
Price is only $20! as it was on sale.
I love the bag so much! Because it's spacious and the design is simple.
It's a designer inspired bag =).

Commercial break. Guess what are these?
They are napkins aka tissue paper!
Only $0.70 per pack.
I don't think I'll use it though. Too cute and pretty! =)

That's it for today's outfit post.
Stay tune! I have a lot more to share =D

I hope you enjoy this outfit post =)


  1. How did u get a free camera from sumsang? sooo good!

  2. OMG, I love that wedges and you say it's only 5???? are you kidding me?? where did u get it from? btw I love your clean and clear make up, so edgy :) love love...I can't believe you bought cheap things but looks so awesomely exp!! great buy, give us some tips and trick next time :)

  3. Hi, it's just a free gift from samsung =) as for the wedges, I bought it from a flea market at zouk some times ago =)


Thanks for your lovely comment!