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27 April 2011

My life - Updated!

Duh Duh! I have not been updating and storing the memory

of my recent life on this space duh!

Sorry Mr. Blog!

So, let's start from last week!

I went back to Indonesia for 2-3 days..

The purpose was just to see my room, choose tile for room, etc..

And of course to see papa mama and meimei too =D

He was with me! =) See that?

Please loh! He was so addicted with his Pokemon game

And also his latest Nintendo 3ds! =_="


Unfortunately, on the first night of my stay "mati lampu duh!"

Power supplies was disrupted for several hours!

In fact, it is very common in Indonesia.

That's my sis - ah beng pose! Hahaha..! So unglam =P

Together with lil merzy!

Btw, if the "several hours black out" happens in Singapore,

I bet it would become a big news and people will complaint!

A lot of Indonesian (including ME) still wonder Why!?

Why is black-out a big deal to Singaporean?

Light is off for a temporary period only! Hohoho..

In Indonesia, we took it as Earth Hour! Hahaha!

In the past, We (bro, sis and I) love black out!

Because, that means, we can go out and stroll around the mall! yay!

When we were still young, papa mama used to bring us to

Matahari, Batam Center!

We love the toy and fashion section ^o^v

(Let's continue the story!)

Oh! So initially we planned to go out that night!

It was a good timing isn't? NO!

Because, the situation has changed. Now, we have Merzy with us!

Which mean, we need to accompany him till the light's on! lol

We went to Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall -

Index Furnishing for some furniture shopping.

and have dinner at la costa that night =)

Next day,

As usual, very boring and filling activity...


Hahaha HE always demand for CRAB when we were back in Indonesia!

AND it has to be CRAB from Batu Besar or Bengkong Laut!

Normal food court crab - CANNOT! =_="

One hour journey = Crab = Crap!

Basic set up! Otah-rice-tissue-crackers-misc chilli sauce

We ordered crab, sotong, kangkong and prawn!

Total was less than $50 aw!

I am also a tourist! Muahaha..

I love Indonesia! So relax!

Ehya! A new shoes I bought one year ago! *muahaha*

I almost forget that I have this pair of shoes lor!

I got it from Rubi-Bugis for 15 bucks when they were on sale! hoho..

He was driving!

We went to Nagoya Hill afterward.

Because, I want to check out a furniture store on level 2 or 3 (I forgot)!

And I found this dressing table! Nice?

Papa Mama Meimei and Him, They said this => "SCARY!"

Which I agree! But it matches my anna sui theme bed room ler!

Should I get it? Btw, it's pretty expensive too!

Rp. 3.600.000 / $600

It's made from good quality wood that's why it's a bit pricey!

I love all of the furniture there but yah "IT IS" a lil bit Scary!

I want something that's more modern! Like this!

Now, it's my turn! I demand for coconut!

Manimanihom! He made my dreams come true! Hahaha..

Last day! Location: Harbour Bay!

While waiting for our ferry, we went to eat Citra Mpek Mpek!

I love Mpek Mpek!

My Less sugar teh sosro and his normal teh sosro!

Mpek Mpek campur and lenggang!

What's mpek mpek?

Pempek, mpek-mpek or empek-empek is a delicacy from Palembang made of fish and tapioca. Pempek is served with yellow noodles and a dark, rich sweet and sour sauce called cuka or cuko (lit. vinegar) and sprinkled with ebi (dried shrimp) powder. Kuah Cuko is produced by adding brown sugar, chili pepper, garlic, vinegar, and salt to boiling water.

There are many varieties of pempek. One of the most famous[citation needed] types is the kapal selam (Indonesian: "submarine"), which is made from a chicken egg wrapped within the pempek dough and then deep-fried. Scientists[citation needed] say that the pempek kapal selam, being high in vitamin, protein, mineral, and carbohydrate content, is the most nutritious variety. Other varieties include pempek telur kecil (lit. small egg pempek), pempek keriting (lit. curly pempek), pempek pistel (lit. pistol pempek), pempek kulit ikan (lit. fish-skin pempek), pempek adaan, pempek lenjer, and pempek tahu (lit. tofu pempek).


And walah! This is hell~ truly~

Ckckckck. We're back! to Singapore.

Our second home = hell


The next day, I worked for roadshow at Vivo city from 13-16 April!

Then next day onward, I stayed at home for a whole damn week!

I was planning. Sorry again, I was PLANNING to study for my MarComm!

But it never happens! Until the last 3 days prior to the exam,

I finally exposed myself to the first page of it.

And workai! I couldn't answer most of the questions T-T

I am gonna die!

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