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30 April 2011

Mother Day Cake Sneak Preview =D

Huahuahuaa.. again.. Pink and Black theme..
I just don't feel like to use other colour =P
Have you bought the magazine and redeemed your free cake
at TheIcingRoom? Hohoho..

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  1. Everyone knows the importance of mothers in their lives. As the fight is always difficult to carry out their duties and responsibilities of life. Throughout his life he faced many difficulties and obstacles, but she tries hard and hard and grow their children from birth to become a man. Therefore, in the story celebrates the return of a day to honor mothers is known as Mother's Day. Mother's Day is famous in about every country in the world. However, the date of celebration is different from one country to another country. Some countries celebrate Mother's Day in March, around April, but most countries celebrate the second Sunday of May each year. And the way to celebrate this day is so different in each country, each country celebrates Mother's Day with their own values, norms and traditions.


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