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15 April 2011

Working lor!

I am typing this during working hour. Haha. Situation here: B.O.R.I.N.G T-T I have been sitting and staring at people who walked by for almost 2 hour already. Omg. Besides, I am SLEEPY! Huhuhuhuhu..I hv been sleeping for an average of 3hr per day ONLY and I have been working for 13 hours everyday since last Tuesday. Its okay dah as $600 will be deposited to my account after this and i have 2 hour break everyday yippie.. And luciky tomorrow is the last day of work..wohoo! hm.. I have a lot of advertorial, product review and event to blog about omg. Recently I received some product from AFC, Lovefiiefiie, Naruko, Xquisis, Hey Adonia, Puma, Sunplay, Viccal, Hanamei, Geo lens and a lot more product coming in. I promise I will blog about it very soon. I received some event invitation too (yes I am showing off haha) and I am hesitate to RSVP as I am left with only one week time to prepare for my exam. O.M.G so Packed! How I wish I can just skip my exam. Haiz..Anyway, I have $12 meal allowance for lunch and dinner..what should I eat today?

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