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27 April 2011

How to remover underarm hair?

First question! Do you have under arm hair?
Hahaha =) I knew it! This is an awkward topic.
But, at the same time, this is a useful topic!
I bet a lot of you out there NEED this!

So, let me share about my own experience.
I am a hairy person! Hahaha I am not kidding.
I have a lot of hair all over my body lol
Including my hand, my leg, my upper lips, underarm and ETC =P
When I was young, I have no idea about how to get rid of under arm hair.
Then from my aunt and etc, I learned about plucking it with tweezer!

Duh it was terrible! It hurts a lot!

By using the method of plucking the armpit hairs,we can pull up roots and do not require professional assistance to do it.

Ladies, this practice can result in enlarged pores are also prone skin irritation armpit skin so rough beginnings and dark. When the hair grow back, you'll feel itch! Moisturizer has an important role for treating the irritated underarm skin.

Well, For me, I give up plucking it.
Beside the fact that it hurts, it darker my under arm and
it itches when it grows back!

Then I tried Chemical depilatories!
Basically it means using those cream, apply it on the underarm,

wait for some minutes and rinse.
(usually product comes with sponge or blade-less shaver)

Inexpensive, Fast, Various strength products available to dissolve even the strongest of hairs, Can be done at home, Available over-the-counter.

Effect lasts a short time. Regrowth begins to appear generally within 2-5 days, Dark-haired users may be left with a visible "shadow" of dark hair under skin, Chemical depilatory creams are generally foul in odor and messy to use, Can cause skin irritation.

Again, I also give up Chemical depilatories.
Simply because, I didn't see the effect of it!
And it always leave some hair behind aka not totally clean
I can't stand the smell of it and it's very trouble some!
The major reason is, IT IS CHEMICAL! harmful to skin.

Then move on, I tried shaving it!
I was introduce to this method when I was in Polytechnic.
I learned it through a workshop conducted by Shiseido.
We were taught to use eyebrow shaver to clean underarm hair.

Totally fast, easy, chemical free, no-fuss, cheap!

Shaving can have numerous side effects, including cuts, abrasions, and irritation.
When shaving, 1 / 3 part is missing is the skin. It causes the skin loses moisture and wound on its surface. Become vulnerable to the irritation of skin, causing redness effects and armpit area became increasingly darkened by it.
It can also cause ingrown hair.

I totally agree that it will cause ingrown hair
and it darkened my skin tone.

But! It's still easy and fast to do it.
So I will still use this method.

Only when it's in emergency situation though.

After a while, I discovered IPL & PTF !
IPL (Intense Pulse Light) and PTF (Photo Therapy Flash)
Different? They are similar. Basically they are Laser!
PTF is improved version of IPL- better and more expensive.

Before this,
I believed we've heard about permanent hair removal method
or maybe have ever seen the advertisement on TV.
However, we can't deny the fact that it's expensive! *stab-self*

Laser to remove underarm hair is permanent. Because it removes the hair follicles, so hair does not grow anymore.

Need through several steps to perfect this method. In other words, you can not then be able to get perfect results in one-time handling. This process requires a considerable cost.

I tried both treatment before.
The procedure was fast and ticklish. Hahaha..!
Basically they will apply gel on your underarm
and use something like a laser/light
and take photo of your underarm. Muahahaha!
Kidding! I mean it's something similar to flash!
Guess what? I could smell something was burning lol
Yes they burnt my hair! *omg* Hahaha.. But it wasn't hurt at all!
Just a lil bit heat =)
Call me Irene! Muahaha..
Usually IPL and PTF treatment would cost about $100-$200.
I found some deals on and
guess how much I paid for the treatment?
Less than $25 !! ckckck
I went to two different beauty center though =)

So, I highly recommend laser treatment.
However, it's NOT a ONE time treatment.
You need to undergo for at least 6 times?
to completely remove your hair permanently.

Now, if you want something cheaper, I can recommend too.

Recently I discovered waxing deal on I paid for $5 only! lalala.. Unfortunately, the deal has ended. It was by a beauty saloon near to Bugis.

I was surprise! Waxing is actually not that hurt! *trust me*.
The procedure was to clean my underarm,
apply melted sugar on it *a bit warm*
then when it hardened *about less than 1 min* walah!
The waxing strip was removed in QUICK motion =)

There are two types of waxing, which are hot waxing and cold waxing.
Hot waxing is usually use hot wax or melted sugar,
while cold waxing is more practical with the pasta special tube
that is usually sold in supermarkets.

I personally would recommend hot wax as when it's hot,
the pores will open up and it would be less painful. *my theory*

Waxing and sugaring is the best way and the favorite for most women to get skin smooth and free armpit hair in an instant.

Waxing usually pain and fur was ripped to perfection. Injury during the waxing armpits facilitates the emergence of diseases such as inflammation, swelling and infection. If there is constant irritation, it can cause cell mutation.

I starts to fall in love with waxing.
It's hurt! but just for several minutes.
The result is smooth and clean. It's affordable too!
However, it's not the best method though.

Laser treatment is good as it's painless, fast and
the result is permanent
but expensive! So it depends on you =)

My recommendation;
1. IPL or PTF (fast, permanent, pain-free but expensive)
2. Waxing (cheap, fast, long lasting, a lil bit hurt)

3. Shaving (but can cause will darken skin town and cause ingrown hair)

Expert recommendation:
Not recommended for shaving, plucking or waxing hair armpit
because of the
risk of breast cancer.

Underarm hair protects the skin from dirt and bacteria, but it serves to protect the substance toxin from outside the body. And, armpit hair also protects the breast. With waxing underarm hair, it will be many minor injuries. The pores of the armpit will swell, which allows the chemicals and toxins from products such as deodorant, creams and powders can easily enter the skin. Crease area is the gathering place armpit lymph nodes stifling.

This gland makes it easy transport toxins from outside the body to the inside of the body, especially the breast. No wonder so many which says that removing or shave her armpits can be associated with the occurrence of cancer breast. In addition to the breast, toxins are also able to get into the lungs, heart and brain.

Pic source:
Info source :

I hope this post is useful for you.
All of the treatment mentioned above are done in Singapore!
I've not try to remove under arm hair in Indonesia though.
Do you have other way of removing underarm hair?
Share with ME please! =)
I'd love to hear and try other method!

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