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21 April 2011

Hope Girl - Smudge No More!

Do you wear make up?
Do you wear make up for at least 12 hours a day?
Do you party after work?
Do you touch up your make up before going to the party?
After party do you go for your supper?

Hahaha last question !
Do your eyes make up smudges !?

Hope Girl is here to give girl's make up a hope!
It is actually a Korean Brand
that offers various type of makeup and skincare product.
I am glad that we can finally get it in Singapore!

Today's topic is on "Under Eye Magic Cleaner" product.
It's a cleaner that can easily remove smudges under eyes!
including waterproof eye makeup!!

Honestly, before this, when my make up gone wrong,
I'll use cotton bud together with a lil bit of make up remover to fix it.
However, it was trouble some.
Because, make up remover is in liquid form.
You can't control the amount of it.
There is a risk ! It might destroy your make up instead of fixing!

Besides, skin under our eyes is thin and sensitive.
Daily usage of cotton bud to remove smudges (pulling of the skin)
can cause premature formation of wrinkles and other problems.

Thanks to Anoiv International.
I was sponsored with an Under Eye Magic Cleaner for review.
It is very convenient for quick makeup changes & repairs.
It does not disturb other eyes makeup too.

Besides, look at the loud and interesting leopard printz packaging!
How fashionable right!

I am going to do a test today.
As you can see, I have some eye liner swatches on my hand.

To remove smudge, glide in one direction (outwards or inwards).
Fyi, it consists of grapes seed oil, almond seed oil, mineral oil &
shea butter giving softness & moisture to delicate eye area.

Which mean, other that fixing your eye make up, it also moisturizes!
It is fragrance free too!
At least, that's better that make up remover's smell.

After my first slide

Next is to clean your Hope Girl stick with tissue and keep on sliding or
clean the part where you've just slides just now.

Reason? the water proof make up has been dissolved!
And it can be cleaned easily and right away!
without disturbing other make up.

See that?
I believed it will works better when removing minor smudges under eyes.

My review:
It's a creative and absolutely a convenient product.
It works like a make up eraser to me.
I love the fashionable packaging as well as the handy size of it.
I also love the fact that it does moisturizes my under eyes area
without giving greasy feels and unpleasant smell!
It's very smooth too. Easy application and hassle free.
I will definitely bring it with me when I have a party after my work or school.
I don't want to looks like a panda when I arrive. =P

Retail Locations
1) BHG, Bugis
2) BHG, Clementi
3) SYY (#07-01/02 Liat Tower - Orchard Road)

For online purchase, pls register at
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