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24 April 2011

Happy Easter Day =D

Kamis Putih
Jumat Agung
Sabtu Suci
Minggu Paskah !

Selamat Hari Paskah! =D


It actually means..

Maundy Thursday,
Good Friday,
Holy Saturday
Palm Sunday!

Happy Easter day!

It was in Bahasa indonesia =D
I wish to celebrate it with my family like what I've been doing every year.
Singing, Praising and Looking for hidden eggs at the end of the ceremony.
Too bad, this year I couldn't make it home and celebrate it with
papa, mama and meimei!
1st exam will happen on Tuesday huhuhu..

pic source google

Pray for me keh!

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  1. Cute nails! Just stopping in from the LBS Tea Party. Happy Easter!


Thanks for your lovely comment!