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28 April 2011

Hanamei Hair Removal After Care Mask and Serum


Have you ever heard of Hanamei?
To be honest, I have no idea about the brand before this.
They didn't do a lot of advertising I guess.

Anyway! This is a short introduction to Hanamei!

For most hair removal procedures including waxing, plucking and shaving,
the undesirable can often be removed but not its side effects.
Bumps, ingrown hair, darkening of the skin, inflammation and soreness
are just some of the more common problems that your skin can suffer from.

Hanamei is created specifically to care for your most intimate area
especially after any hair removal therapies.
Besides providing instant relief after waxing,
Hanamei® also help keep delicate skin supple, smooth and fair over time.

Rich in pure Japanese botanical extracts,
the Hanamei® Intimate Beauty Treatment range
is gentle yet effective for everyday use, even on other areas like
the underarms, elbows and kneecaps where skin is often rough and darkened.


Do you remove your hair?
I do! I removed my underarm hair once in 1-2 months.
Recently, I am addicted to attractive deal online!
IPL or PTF was being advertised at a very low price - less than $30
The result is very desirable too.

What method of hair removal do you suggest?
Kindly refer to my "How to remove underarm hair" post.

How do you treat darken skin under your arm?
I have no experience to any product that's specially used to treat
underarm skin problem before this. Until last month !

Thanks to Hanamei and The Sample Store.
So sweet of them! I was sponsored with;
Hanamei Hair removal after-care comforting masks (7pcs/box)
Hanamei Hair removal after-care brightening Serum

Hanamei® Comforting Mask 7 days usage

The Hanamei® Comforting Mask is specifically designed and formulated to provide instant relief and care for delicate skin in the bikini area that has undergone hair removal therapies.

Naturally fragranced with organic Rosewater, this 100% cotton mask is rich in skin-nourishing natural actives that are easily and quickly absorbed into skin, keeping your intimate areas supple and smooth.

Use the Hanamei® Comforting Mask to
• Soothe and minimise skin soreness
• Reduce redness and skin irritation
• Protect skin against follicle and pore infection

Use a chilled Hanamei® Comforting Mask after waxing for instant relief!
The mask helps to reduce soreness and prevent inflammation.

I tried it after I came back from my waxing treatment last week.
It smells pleasant and acceptable as rose water is the main ingredient in it.
However, I believe this mask is designed for girl's intimate area because;
the shape of the mask is weird.
It looks like a piece of paper with a lil bit cut here and there.
Anyway, so I cut the mask into two and apply it under my arm.
To be honest, it's a bit awkward to mask underarm at home.
Imagine me, watching TV while showing off my underarm with mask !?
Hahaha NO! I didn't do that, I mask my underarm alone in my room.
It's soothing and non-sticky. However, it's a bit wet!
and it takes some times to absorb.

After 7 days of trying, I can feel that It soothes my underarm skin.
The redness has reduced.
In fact, the effect can be seen from the first day of usage.
However, I have to admit that it is a lil bit troublesome to mask underarm.

Next is this;

Hair Removal After-care Brightening Serum

The Hanamei® Brightening Serum contains multiple botanical actives to minimise ingrown hair and lighten darkened skin caused by hair removal and micro-abrasion especially at the underarms, elbows and kneecaps.

Naturally fragranced with organic Rosewater, this serum is infused with skin-nourishing natural actives that are easily and quickly absorbed for more radiant, moisture-charged and beautiful skin.

Use the Hanamei® Brightening Serum 3-4 weeks usage to:
• Maintain elasticity and resilience of skin
• Minimise ingrown hair
• Lighten the appearance of skin darkened by hair removal
and micro-abrasion

The Hanamei® Brightening Serum can also be used on the underarms, elbows or kneecaps to lighten and smoothen out rough skin!

To tackle dark skin of my underarm, I tried this brightening serum.

As you can see, it comes in a bottle form

Easy to use and hassle-free.

The smell is similar to the mask. As it contain rose water too.
It's easily absorb by the skin.
It takes about less than 2mins for my skin to totally absorb.
You need to use it very often to see the result of the serum.
I have been using it for about 2 weeks on my underarm.
I can see that the skin tone is brighter by 30%.
I will keep using it. I believed if I use it for another two month,
I can see the obvious result =)

Meanwhile, I also use the serum on my knee.
I have not been pampering my knee.
Muahaha the most that I did for Mr. Knee was only to scrub it.
And so, this time round, I decided to use the serum on my knee too.
And surprisingly, the result is visible after about a week of usage.

Picture explained.

It smoothes and brighten my knee =D

Samples Alert!

To experience the beauty of Sakura,

you may email to:

for your Hanamei® Intimate Therapy Sample Set

that includes a Comforting mask and a 5ml Brightening Serum.

For more information on Hanamei®,

check out their website: or click here.


  1. This cream is absolutely great. People should use it after any hair removal procedure, even if we talk about shaving, waxing, laser hair removal or electrolysis,

  2. Laser hair removal is a medical device that burns the hairs not too clear on all skin types, and becomes dangerous on tanned skin, down the forehead or cheeks and around the nipples.


Thanks for your lovely comment!