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21 April 2011

Cho Beauty - AFC Japan

Good Morning! =D
Ok..not really early now..Haha..

Today I am going to Introduce CHO BEAUTY by AFC Japan!
I was so happy when I received it.
Personally I don't have any experience on any supplement
that's specially for the purpose of slimming so far.
I have ever thought about buying it! But it never happens.
Reason? No money (as usual lol) and I am feeling slim! Hahaha
Kidding. That is not really the reason. I am still fat and I need help!
I am afraid of the side effect of it.

Cho Beauty is actually an inner cleansing solution
that removes toxic intestinal waste effectively from our body.
It works from within to give your skin a healthy radiant glow.
Cho Beauty is highly recommended for those with bad digestion, dull skin,
bloated tummy, body odour, diarrhea or
constipation or weak immune system.

Before I continue let me share with you about some facts about myself.
Ups..not really myself but my lil tummy! =D
My weight is actually based on season! aka seasonal weight =_=??

When CNY, Valentine, Christmas, etc is coming
My weight is likely to be about 47kg

When I am stress, when I am feeling down..
My weight is likely to be 49-50 kg

When I feels like it's the end of the world.
My weight is likely to be 51kg and above (max 53kg)!

Hahaha and For today, I am 49.6kg!
Because, exam is just 5 days away!

Ok, other than that, I often suffers from constipation.
Which is awful! constipation leads to bloated tummy duh!
I tried laxative before and it was horrible!

The definition of constipation includes the following:[4][5][6][7]

  • infrequent bowel movements (typically three times or fewer per week)
  • difficulty during defecation (straining during more than 25% of bowel movements or a subjective sensation of hard stools), or
  • the sensation of incomplete bowel evacuation.
Source: Wikipedia

Cho Beauty is NOT a laxative.
Laxatives work to ease bowel movement with near-immediate effect.
For those who tried it before, I guess you know what I am talking about.

When you consume laxative you can't control when it's coming.
And you'll be pissed as it always works at the wrong time!
You can't control the pain and it was HELL.
Sometimes it's so pain that you nearly faint. Agree?
Plus. It's temporary! You can do it today but not tomorrow!

Cho beauty is a long-term solution to regulate and improve
bowel movement by regulating the intestinal environment.

Which mean, you sign contracts with Cho beauty for a month,
your tummy will be served for a long term period!
Terms and conditions apply, Hahaha.

Now, let's check! How's your poo today? LoL

AFC CHO BEAUTY contains 101 billion friendly bacteria,
A powerful clinically proven combination of patented heat-treated FK-23
and Bifidus bacteria, as well as essential prebiotics.

Price: $74.90 (It's on promotion now! click here)
Content: 1.5g x 30 sachets

Experience a new level of detox, beauty and slimming

Flattens tummy.
Removes accumulated intestinal waste, reduces bloating, organ fat, and promotes healthy weight loss.

Improves complexion.
Promotes skin clarity and improves acne conditions for visibly brighter skin.

Reduces constipation and diarrhea.
Regulates bowel movement to reduce constipation or diarrhea,
and improves digestion.

Jumpstarts sluggish system.
Reduces bad breath, improves immunity and increases energy levels.

I have been consuming it from last Monday and I can feel that
my digestive system is getting better.
It's in powdery form. Kindly refer to the picture below.
At first I thought it will taste bitter and guess what?
it's actually sweet! not very sweet type though.
It's just nice to be consumed every morning or night before meal. =)
Nice citrus smell and taste.

I took one sachet every morning by diluting it with water
and drink it with empty stomach.

PS: sorry for the naked face picture just wake up mah! =P

Stay tune for another update after I finish the entire box =)

It really works! I have done with the 30 sachets and..
everything goes smooth every morning.
I am feeling healthy and lighter now.
I would definitely recommend this.
No side effect on me so far.
It's effective and it doesn't make me suffer.
Do grab yours now..

Available at:
Unity Healthcare, Nishino Pharmacy, Robinsons (Centerpoint),
John Little (Jp & MS), selected Guardian & Watsons stores

and also online !
Lifestream website :
Add Lifestream facebook :
Add AFC Japan facebook :

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