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26 April 2011

Chloe T-shirt - Outfit post

Yay! Today's post is a bit feminine (I think)
Ckckck. The theme will be Paris! =D

So, the T-shirt that I am wearing below was sponsored by LOVEFiiEFiiE

The material is the same as the YSL shirt I got from them.
It's made from cotton.
Not so thick and not thin!
Just nice for weather in Asia!

Zebra skirt was from Bugis it costs 10 bucks only!

Happy me! Rest assured about the material.
I have washed them. No problem!
Good quality shirt =D Happy customer!

A Chanel headband and a white ceramic ring!
I got those from someone =P

Happy Me!

The design of the shirt is cute!
As you can see, there's an Eiffel tower at the center of it!

And as usual, this is a Chloe inspired nail art that I did for myself.
It's a bit messy though. It was pretty easy to draw the tower.
Trust me!

I don't know why.
But I felt like a princess with that shirt on =P
It brings out the sweet side of me!

Lastly paired with a pair of heels/loafer/flats.
In this case, I have a shoes with Paris word on it!
I got it for $15 only! =) It was from Bugis.
I mentioned this before.

Visit LOVEFiiEFiiE today!

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